Aviation Traders ATL-98 Carvair

Aviation Traders ATL-98 Carvair
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The ATL-98 Carvair was a mixed pax/road vehicle transporter, made by converting old Douglas DC-4’s. They were mainly used to cross the English Channel, and their iconic ‘hump’ design (similar to the 747, but the ATL-98 is older) means it is quite a quircky bird (which is why I like it).


Crew: two
Capacity: Maximum seating 85 passengers or five cars and 22 passengers
Payload: 19,335 lb (8,770 kg)
Length: 102 ft 7 in (31.27 m)
Wingspan: 117 ft 6 in (35.82 m)
Height: 29 ft 10 in (9.09 m)
Wing area: 1,462 ft² (135.8 m²)
Airfoil: NACA 23016 at root, NACA 23012 at tip
Aspect ratio: 9.45:1
Empty weight: 41,365 lb (18,762 kg)
Max. takeoff weight: 73,800 lb (33,475 kg)
Powerplant: 4 × Pratt & Whitney R-2000-7M2 Twin Wasp radial engine, 1,450 hp (1,081 kW) each
Never exceed speed: 275 mph (239 knots, 442 km/h)
Maximum speed: 250 mph (217 knots, 400 km/h)
Cruise speed: 207 mph (180 knots, 334 km/h) at 10,000 ft (3,050 m) (Econ cruise)
Stall speed: 119 mph (103 knots, 191 km/h) (wheels and flaps up)
Range: 2,300 miles (2,000 nmi, 3,700 km) with max payload
Service ceiling: 18,700 ft (5,700 m)
Rate of climb: 650 ft/min (3.3 m/s)

That looks more like a toy then an aircraft. Was that really a two man aircraft.


What a great aircraft choice! =D


Yep, and one of them was operating until 2007!


This aircraft is the definition of beauty. Anyways Out of votes. But this would be amazing and hilarious so I say to you my friend good luck!😂👍


Basically what I would think would be a young 747 if there was such thing as growth in the world of planes. Good luck though 👍🏻


It’s like an B747 which is born with a wrong head lmao. Anyways good luck! (:


Ugliest thing I’ve seen all day, sorry

What a weird plane. A deformed 747.

Ah the good old baby 747 / fake 747 :)