Aviation Stories

Aviation Stories

Hi Everyone, I would like to start a thread for everyone to share stories about flying. I am aware that there are many more threads that are similar to this but they only cover one category (e.g. Funny, Horror, Airline) but I am making one that will cover multiple categories. These are the types.

Horror (Personal)

This is where you would talk about scary stories that you’ve had and that you want to share. Please don’t talk about Airline Stories as that is a separate category.

Horror (Impersonal)

This is where you would talk about horror stories that don’t have you involved but are nevertheless scary. Some good examples would be the story of D.B. Cooper or the 727 that disappeared.


Here, you would list stories that are personal or that you’ve been told about that are humorous. This could be used to talk about stories from IF or the real world.


This is the topic to talk about Airline stories. Whether that is the time you had a bad delay or awful turbulence, you would list it here.

Topic NOTAM(s)

Here are a few NOTAMS as followed.

When you make a reply, please make your first sentence listing what category you are talking about so users who are looking for a certain category can find it easier.

To avoid any issues, please give credit if you are using an image or copy & pasting an article.

Thank You, I am excited to hear your stories.

And this will most likely end up the like the other topics. Being closed in 3-4 months because they go inactive. All the “Funny” stories and everything that i’ve found have been closed because they went inactive. But best of luck.

I’ll take the challenge, mate. To be honest 3-4 months will be one of my best. Just check my previous topics, aha.

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