Aviation Science fair Project

Hi all
I wanna do a Science Fair about aviation with myself but idk what to do
It should be related to Physics
I am Grade 8


Aerodynamics. Explain how lift is generated, wings work, etc.
Here is a quick example of a layout that I made. Please don’t copy this word to word. Get creative. And don’t forget, add colour to attract peoples attention and draw them in. Good Luck!



Have a small smoke stream and a fan and create/use a model of an aircraft to show the flow of air speed difference beneath and above the wing to demonstrate how lift occurs.

Just a really detailed analysis of how flaps work and what they do with some very basic models of flaps (perhaps made out of polystyrene or even strong paper or card)


Show how air flows over the plane itself, but then specifically the wings how it generates lift, etc. put little streamers taped on the plane, those will easily show air flow, from let’s say, a fan in front.

You could record yourself using IF and explain how do every part of the plane works I.E: “before taking off, the pilot has to lower these devices named flaps. Flaps are used to increase the size of the wing, thus reducing the stall speed, helping the pilot with the take off and land at low speeds”.

Before that you would have to explain the four forces that act on an aircraft: air resistance, lift, gravity and thrust.

And in the end, you could go the interactive route and let someone try out IF, so as to he/she experience what you were talking about.

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Don’t go into the really nerdy aviation stuff that gets off topic no matter how much you want to.


Like the ILS, weather, weight, engines and liveries?

Think about your public. You are in grade 8, you will talk to grade 8 students, who, most probably have no knowledge about aviation.
Don’t go into detail.

I would simply explain: How does a plane fly? (without going into detail, no formula…etc.). Just basic stuff (Bernoulli, Newton’s law, different forces…etc.)
You could end by giving a very small explanation about how thrust is produced (engines).

Remember, even your teacher has most probably no idea how a plane flies. Unfortunately, in 2016, flying is taken for granted by the average traveller…

Good luck!


maybe a project on wake turbulence and how it may cause crashes and enflict damage on homes

Combine Aviation Science fair Project with Aviation Science fair Project and you are set!

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Grade 8 means you are in high school?

Not, HS starts in 9th.

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I’m lucky that I don’t have to explain everything about planes to everyone. I still have to build a solar car though.

I wish my new school did the fair, last year I got to state. I probably would do a Aviarion project though.