Aviation School - ATC Readback Question

I am enrolled into a Aviation school and I took a test in which I got an 80% on but was told I missed this question by the computer. .

I am wondering how I missed it? Isent the readback supposed to be exact?

Unable to land and hold short.

As a student pilot, you are unable to accept or do a LAHSO operation or command


Got it, thank you @Dubya!

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4–3–11 Pilot Responsibilities When Conducting Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO)

a. LAHSO is an acronym for “Land and Hold Short Operations.” These operations include landing and holding short of an intersecting runway , an intersecting taxiway , or some other designated point on a runway other than an intersecting runway or taxiway. (See Figure 4-3-8, Figure 4-3-9, Figure 4-3-10.)

b. Pilot Responsibilities and Basic Procedures.

1. LAHSO is an air traffic control procedure that requires pilot participation to balance the needs for increased airport capacity and system efficiency, consistent with safety. This procedure can be done safely provided pilots and controllers are knowledgeable and understand their responsibilities. The following paragraphs outline specific pilot/operator responsibilities when conducting LAHSO.

2. At controlled airports, air traffic may clear a pilot to land and hold short. Pilots may accept such a clearance provided that the pilot-in-command determines that the aircraft can safely land and stop within the Available Landing Distance (ALD). ALD data are published in the special notices section of the Chart Supplement U.S. and in the U.S. Terminal Procedures Publications. Controllers will also provide ALD data upon request. Student pilots or pilots not familiar with LAHSO should not participate in the program.

The end of #2 has your answer


Must have missed that part 😁. Thanks!


I think the regulation is you shouldn’t when I learn, but you have the right to accept it. If you accept it, you must do it. However this question is partially wrong. In your callsign if you are flying solo you would add student pilot after your normal callsign and tower won’t give you LAHSO.

According to the AIM student pilot or pilots not familiar with LAHSO should not accept it.

So if a student pilot accepts it they are in the wrong


here’s my F for my first instructor, she was wrong…

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Always good to read up on things… and question your instruction if you have too. I have before and it saved our lives

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Give her the benefit of doubt, she may of mis said something or whatever. Doesn’t hurt asking other people and reading to be on top of things

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