Aviation Safety News: Week 17/2019

Aviation Safety News: Week 17/2019

Before We Start
What is this? Another topic? Yes. Well, a lot of things happen in Aviation. Good things, bad things, interesting things. Some of those things find their way into this community with their own topic so it can be discussed. However, many interesting things are happening as well, that are “too small” for an individual topic, but still interesting to mention. This is why I want to start this little series with interesting things that happened in the aviation industry over the week. Please note that this series will only include accidents and incidents where no human lives were lost.

April 22, 2019

APU Fire

Type: Boeing 777-200
Airline: Air India
Registration: VT-ALF
Location: San Francisco Airport, USA

An Air India 777-200 suffered a fire in the APU while on the ground at KSFO airport. The airplane arrived from Delhi as AI173 and was planned to return as AI174. The plane was repaired and returned to Delhi with a delay of 30 hours. Nobody was injured.

Aviation Safety Database

No More Fuel

Type: Antonov AN-26
Airline: Asia Airways
Registration: EY-322
Location: 40nm off Khartoum Airport, Sudan

The Antonov AN-26 freighter performed a positioning flight from Djibouti to Khartoum when the plane ran out of fuel. The crew was forced to land the plane in open terrain. While the aircraft suffered substantial damage, none of the five-person crew was injured.


The Aviation Herald

April 23, 2019

Runway Excursion

Type: Embraer ERJ-170
Airline: Fuji Dream Airlines
Registration: JA11FJ
Location: Yamagata Airport, Japan

Fuji Dream Airlines Flight JH386 was about to take off from runway 19 in Yamagata headed for Nagoya Airport in Japan when the aircraft veered off to the left side of the runway. It came to a stop about 10 meters left of the runway and 700 meters from the runway threshold. The runway of the airport remained closed for the rest of the day. 8 other flights had to be canceled. No injuries were reported.

Aviation Safety Database

April 25, 2019

A Stoned Engine

Type: Boeing 777-200
Airline: PIA Pakistan International Airlines
Registration: AP-BGJ
Location: Lahore Airport, Pakistan

The PIA Boeing 777-200 performing flight PK-710 from Manchester (United Kingdom) to Lahore (Pakistan) landed on runway 36 when its right engine got damaged by a stone. The airplane remained out of service for about 21 hours while the GE90 engine needed repairs.

The Aviation Herald

There Go the Tires

Type: Avro RJ100
Airline: Qeshm Air
Registration: EP-FQT
Location: Muscat Airport, Oman

Qeshm Air flight 2108 just landed after its flight from Queshm Airport (Iran) when both the tired on the right-hand main geat shred. No injuries were reported.

Aviation Safety Database

I will keep the number of topics to a maximum of five for now. I hope you found the first part of this little series exciting. The comment section is open for discussion and feedback.

Happy landings and a safe week!


This is great!

Thanks for the aviations news! Literally 90% of the news you posted here have not even heard of happening this week

Love how you kept each little article short and simple! How I like it!

I can only imagine such a delay.

Wow never even knew most of this! Thanks for sharing

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Well, Great job man, keep active this news.

The new Dj’s Aviation lol

Keep up the great work! Really good information indeed. I might send a few information in case of any accident in flight. I sometimes find some interesting stories of other airliners in one current week.

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