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I thought it would be a good idea to provide RW resources for knowledge on flight training. I’m hoping this could turn into a wiki where we can get our very knowledgable community members who are RW pilots or aviation students to post resources that they found to be helpful and or much needed. My goal here is to provide aspiring pilots (such as myself) with the knowledge required for the pursuit of our real world goal of becoming a pilot (our goal for most of us at least lol). At the very least, this information can be very informative for our IF experience.

General Knowledge


  • From the Ground Up - Sandy A. MacDonald + workbook; ideal book for Canadian PPL




Career/Carrier Information


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I didn’t even know there was such thing as an ATPL. Cool


airline transport pilot

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Any people wanting to join Qantas

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A category for CFI? Certified Flight Instructor?

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I’ve just purchased ASA’s Mental Math for Pilots. Waiting for it to arrive. Has anyone read it yet? I was tempted to buy the kindle version to have it ASAP, but I rather have paper copies for subjects I’m actually interested in.

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