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From what I can tell we have a younger age slowly entering the work force. I thought it be a great idea start a thread for those who work in our industry willing to answer questions though direct messages.

If you are willing to be a point of contact please share in the comments or PM me what you do, and if you don’t mind who you work for. If you have previous experience in the industry please let me know!
(If I didn’t add your job please message me so I can add it)

Please also comment where you did your training at here!

Me: Social Media/Public Relations, Helicopter Dispatcher, Ferry pilot
(Pass experience: Load Master (737-200, 747-100 to -8F, DC3/C47, Saab340), Operations Manager, Station Supervisor, Ramp Rat, Search and Rescue Crewmen)

Above the Wing jobs:

@146flyer (BAe 146 Pilot, Neptune Aviation Aerial Fire Fighting)
@Nickomca (BAe 146 Pilot, Pionair Australia)

Flight Attendants:

Load Masters:



Customer Service Agents (CSA):
@Matthew_Brittain (Delta Air Lines)

@Mags885 Weapons Controller aboard the E3D RAF

Below the Wing jobs:

Ramp Agents:
@Southwest_CLE_Ramper (Southwest Airlines)
@Hopperbolic (Delta Air Lines)
@Evan_Guffey (Allegiant)

@Jordan_ (May Tag)


@Brandon_Sandstrom (A&P)
@anon88794458 (Engineer)
@Dubya (A&P apprentice)


Airport Police/Rescue:

Air Traffic Control:

@Asneed8706 Squadron/ Host Aviation Resource Manager (1C0X2) US Air Force
@Tyler_Shelton Air Traffic Control Watch Supervisor (1C171) US Air Force


I believe this has been done here but you know I’m above wing DL (CSA)

I tried to find something like this but I couldn’t, if I am in the wrong then hey. I am!

Squadron/ Host Aviation Resource Manager (1C0X2)
Active duty United States Air Force for aprox 11 years.

No prior experience just a love for military aviation and service that drove me to the USAF.

Assignments: Tinker AFB, Kusan AB & Peterson AFB
Airframes: E-3B/C, FA-16CJ and C130H
Various Temporary duty assignments (TDY)

Considering an enlisted career? Feel free to contact me. 😃


Thanks Andrew! I’ll add you to the list!

No prob mark! Happy to contribute brother.

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I’m game. This is filler so I can post


Thanks man! I’ll add yea!

I’m above the wing Military Aircrew - Weapons Controller, on board the E3D, Royal Air Force.

I have 10 years service, with my 11th being approached this October. Operated with 8 Squadron, RAF Waddington for 2 years.

My role consists of controlling the aircraft within the battlespace to ensure kinetic effects on in the air and on the ground, while acting as a force multiplier by enabling air to air refuelling between all able assets.

I’ve controlled airspace all over the world, if you want to know where then feel free to reach out to me!


Thanks! I’ll add yea!

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You should know what I do

I don’t, what do you do?
If you like be a contact, I’d love put you on the list just need know what you do =)

Lol, this is awkward…

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Appologies. Thought you recognized my name. Anywho I’m a private pilot but working on the other ratings. Would love to be a point contact regarding questions about flying and such

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I know who you are Ryan. Thanks, I really do appreciate you commenting. I am trying have this stay with in the industry, so those who already work in it.

Oh apologies. I misinterpreted your info. Guess that’s what happens when you are studying all day!

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All good man,
Good luck on your studying!


Thanks to @Jordan_ for being a POC!

You can throw me up there Mark

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Would be nice to add upperclassmen at different Universites as well, who could help the younger IF pilots make a descision with regard to future educational commitments and more importantly help them make a descision as to whether they’d be a right fit :)

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