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As you all know, I am running a podcast on my channel were I go around and interview people that are in the aviation industry. Well, I have gotten a total of six people from that field that are willing to do interviews. These interviews will be happening in a state. Well, I am apart of this aviation facebook group called Blue Skies and A Tailwind and we are having a yearly meetup

Now, you might ask who are you interviewing. I am interviewing 2 CFI’s based in the area, a regional first officer, a ramp agent who works with JetBlue at Reagan National (KDCA), Daniel Ellis and Dijmon Green (CFI’s based in Phoenix), Brett Smith (JetBlue DCA ramp agent), and Cody Downey (regional first officer).

How do I ask questions? It is very simple. In your reply, put the person who the question is addressed to and your question. I will pick the best ones out of the group. If your question is picked, I will say your name and you will get a special shout out. The interviews will be about 10-15 minutes long each. When asking questions, please do not ask what company they work for (if not listed already) and please keep them all aviation related. Question thread will end Jan 4! Thanks.

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With jetBlue Airlines not having a significant amount of Flights into Ronald Reagan National Daily; what is a typical work day for you? What’s your favorite thing to do while on the job & what’s your favorite aircraft in the fleet to work on?


Good question @Balloonchaser!


Bumping this topic… have four wonderful interviews lined up and only one question… this thread closes in 16 days

Bumping again… Less than 9 days to get your question in… Alot of good people to ask questions for in the aviation community

What was your highlight working for America West?

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Two days until this thread closes

What did you struggle most with in training to become a pilot?

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Good Question. I hope to see some more people ask questions

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Questions are now closed. Interviews will be taking place tomorrow

Interviews are now completed. Be on the lookout on YouTube for them.

Are you able to link the video once it’s out or the channel its going to be on?

Yep. If I can I’ll link both of the interview here. One will be out this week and then the next one will be the last week of Jan

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Is this for IF or real life? If for #real-world-aviation, then it should be moved there. :)

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Real world aviation but the mods wanted it there so

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