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(I don’t know if this should be in meta or features) I am suggesting a topic like support but with questions about aviation such as “why is a Singapore airlines A380 flying Frankfurt to New York?” (Example) This would be good for people who don’t know that much about aviation and want to learn more so they don’t clog up RWA. Please give feedback on this idea if you have any.

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This should be in #meta if it is about the forum and not the app

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Switched to @meta, thanks for the help

Imo not needed – takes the forum’s focus away from IF and more towards RWA.


Well maybe that’s what the questions should go in - #real-world-aviation

But that would clog up RWA as you said soooo…

I agree, if you want to ask questions like that go to another fourm that specializes in RWA

You could just ask in a topic that is relevant to your question. If you want to know why an airline flies somewhere, go to Flightradar24 Findings with a picture of that flight and ask. If you have a question about Aribus, go to one of the many “History of Airbus” or “Airbus vs. Boeing Discussion” or something along those lines and ask there. You get my point right? Though I see how this wouldn’t always work.

I don’t think an entirely new category should exist only or this…

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Depends on how you mean this.

I fear you mean one thing, but I don’t want to make assumptions before I reply.

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Think this suites #real-world-aviation more, as #meta is about how the forum operates (trust levels, flagging etc)

Actually this could be useful. Especially if people who just joined have access to it and can make a topic on it straight away 😉

Well, but RWA is for stuff that happened in RWA, not on the forum.

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I guess I somewhat agree with you, but where have people been clogging up RWA with this stuff?

I like this idea! But really, why does SQ fly the a380 from FRA to JFK? I’m just kidding 😂

Or you could just create a questions topic in #general?

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