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must be about aviation.

My One:

If Ryanair 736 is holding short next to runway 35 on the nearest taxiway to the end and Easyjet 536 is on that same taxi and Ryanair 435 Is 5 Minutes from touchdown does

A. Ryanair 736 Takeoff

B. Hold Short and Wait for Ryanair 435

  • A.
  • B.

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If a new airline announces service to DFW and American Airlines does not partner with them, should American Airlines

A. Brutally run the airline out by dumping capacity onto the same route.

B. Become submissive and let the airline fly the route.

C. Buy the airline.

D. Let the airline buy American Airlines.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

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Answer: A. Given the recent patterns in American Airlines’ network, they will most likely dump capacity on the same route a new airline launches to continue dominance at DFW.

Now, what airport is this? We need to visualize the airport’s charts if were going to come up with a final answer (this question is to the topic post, not the one above this reply) :/.

It Really Doesn’t Matter What Airport it is just say that Ryanair 736 is on Final like lined up and 5 minutes from touchdown and the last taxiway is right next to end of 35

Okay then.

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If Southwest opened an international airline and there HUB was LAX; what southwest even be able to afford long haul routes with a 787-8?

A. Yes (Reply Below Why)

B. No (Reply Below Why)

  • A.
  • B.

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The main international route would most likely be Cancun as there’s high demand from Americans looking for cheap tickets to a vacation destination.

Domestically, however, IF Southwest were to operate the 788, they could install a premium product and launch transcon flights to JFK.

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What About Fuel Costs?

Okay, I’ll dive deep into why this is possible. Operating a 787-8 for long hauls is possible due to the amount of distance it can go. Like from KLAK-WSSS, KLAX-RJTT, KLAK-KJFK, etc. The 787-8 is able to fly transpacific and long domestic flights, which is the reason it’s able to go to far away airports and high demand airports. For fuel costs (and other costs such as In-Flight entertainment, camera angles from the tail & other areas of the aircraft where possible, brake cooling, etc. If they were to have all of the accessory features) may be too much but shouldn’t effect regular southwest routes if there is a cooldown to the amount of flights per day, week, month and year it has.

Likely they’d go with 787-9 for packing them in and having longer legs.

Probably not out of LAX because they have little domestic room to expand and so international flights wouldn’t be profitable. Places like BWI, FLL, DEN would work better

No, this is more of an ethical question-based thread. That is more about how much you know about aviation. Trust me, I am learning about ethics so I know what I am talking about.

I have one.

If an international airport with runways big enough to support a 747 opens but is located in a lowly populated area about 150 miles from the nearest major city, should airlines still run routes to said airport?

  • Yes (Reply Below Why)
  • No (Reply Below Why)
  • Other (Answer Below)

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I would say no. Who want’s to buy a plane ticket and then pay another couple hundred bucks for a rental car to the main city.


I say no because since it’s an area with a low population, the airline will not be getting as much money as it would if it went to a more populated area.

This is a good question.

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So, what are we defining “lowly populated” and “major city” as?

And here’s the question, just because they can support the 744 will they use the aircraft? Or can they choose from other aircraft?

To answer logically and universally, we’re defining ‘lowly populated’ as an area or place without a considerable amount of people there and ‘major city’ as a famous, desenly populated and well-recgonizable city nationally and/or internationally.

Due to the structure and wording of the question, it seems like that any other aircraft than the 747 can be used.

Must assert dominance

I to answer your question, the reason why is because there is no harm in doing so :/. If the airport is on low demand, any GA (General Aviation) aircraft will be suitable to transport the amount of passengers required through short hauls. With the second reason being that the airline still earns money from routes to the airport if people go to there which is the most important thing if any route to the airport would be considered :/

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