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“Ethiad” lol


Looks good to me

I could never agree with anything more

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This looks fine!

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Agree with you there lol

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Air Canada is not overrated, begone!

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U jelly huh

100% agree.

Oh god those were so good. Legends never die 🤧

Nah, just don’t see the appeal.

Here’s mine :)

I’m late to the party.


Favorite Airline: JAL, ANA, or EVA
Favorite Airport: HND or TPE
Favorite Livery: CX, KLM, and BA retrojets
Airline I want to fly on: SIA, CX, all West European legacy carriers, Asiana
Aircraft I want to fly: Want to fly on 747, 777, 787, A350, A220, want to fly an F-16N
Longest flight I’ve taken by distance: SFO to TPE
Underrated Airline: ???
Overrated Airline: Every American airline (maybe the ME3)

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Here we go:

Please don’t kill me for calling Southwest overrated… but it is.


Here’s mine:


Southwest… over rated?

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