Aviation Question

This might be a dumb question but why dose all the instruments in the cockpit when your recording a video why dose it always seem like they are going in sane? Just wondering.

You mean the flickering when filming? If that so, I think it has to do with fps. Someone can confirm this?

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Ya the flickering.

The frame rate of your camera does not match the refresh rate of the display, hence you get the flickering on the video recording which you don’t actually see when looking at the instrument/display in person.


Yeah its all due to the difference between the monitor refresh rate and the camera scanning frequency. Thr instruments are normal to the pilot it is really the camera


Some cameras have a deflicker setting. I have one of those. Sometimes it helps, sometimes just a little and sometimes not at all. Different speed settings might help. 1/50s of 1/60s. Try it! It all depends on the instruments though. Screens usually are mostly 50 or 60Hz. Don’t know about aircraft though.