Aviation question for you guys

I have a small quiz of sorts, want to see who can desipher it first. This morning at KPIT we had slight winds (about 5kts) and low visibility (probably 200-400 yards). But trafic was taking off, and landing on Runways 10L, and R, with a slight tailwind, why would they do this?

I know, and I want to see who can get it first, I’ll give a clue after every hour or so if no one has it, Good Luck!

Can you give a clue every minute or two?! 😂

I want to know, I just don’t know 🤷🏻‍♂️

Ok, first clue, it has to do with landings not takeoffs

We’re they using ILS approaches?

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That is rather warm!

I’m not sure tbh 🤷🏻‍♂️

To shorten taxi times?

The ILS was not working for the 28s?

Actually, is it because ILS is typically used in low visibility, and the 10s have ILS but the 28s have RNAV?

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28L/10R has an ILS , 28C/10C have a RNAV GPS, and 10L and 28R have an ILS. That’s from IF so I may be wrong lol

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You’re onto it. This list pretty much gives it away.


But you 90% got it everyone who said ILS

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