Aviation Puns

I did some digging on IFC and found out that there isn’t anything on Aviation Puns!

Any type of pun related to aviation is welcome!
I really hope this discussion takes off!

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Just to start this off!


A recent topic was closed before. You need a permission from a moderator to open a topic like this. The Aviation “Memes” topic was closed before for a good reason. It was clogging the Community Forum.

More information:

I guess this could have some more action!

Found online and remade in X-Plane the other day.


That’s a good one!

This thread might seem like a great idea however it wont be long till it spirals out of control.

I recommend having it closed.

ps. Pretty much the same thread closed yesterday:

I will see how it goes for a week, after that I shall see what needs to be done!

I have messaged a moderator to have this topic closed!

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Just flag your topic to be closed it’s easier. 👍🏻

That’s what I did but thank you for your help!

This will most likely be shut down any second cause people loose control of themselves

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Even though there are good intentions here some people can’t restrain themselves and these spiral out of control.