Aviation Posters!

While I was on vacation to Europe, I got these posters!

Can anyone tell what airport the 747 is at? Here is a closer look out the window:

Idk why this is upside down ^^^ sorry
Let me know what you think. Also, the poster with all the planes on it is in German, because I bought it at Munich airport.


I have one sort of like the second one.

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I have a calendar for 2013 and a Skywest CRJ jet. Also the poster of the United 787-9 and the destinations.

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I have a 1:200 United 787-9 model

Where can you get these? Like online

Yep. You can get them online, I also got mine at a museum.

But where?

I would try Amazon or good ol’ eBay.

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Finally hung them up!!

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Very nice. I used to have that 747 cockpit poster, a few years back.
I read somewhere that the airport you see outside is Paine Field in Seattle.

I have a space shuttle endeavor poster if that counts. Anybody want to see it?


and the Endeavour is parked at the California Science Center right now. i would love to see it.

Yeah sure lemme go and take a pic of it. It shows all its missions too

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Here it is


I remember it being transported to LAX on the 747 shuttle carrier and it flew close to the ground and I could see it really well. They did it on purpose as a service to it.


That shuttle poster is a beauty!

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Very nice poster you have. That was a long time ago. I remember in 4th grade when it passed over our school everyone was flocking to it. I wish I knew more about aviation back then.

Oh then we are the same age then LOL

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I’ve got lots from Airliner World, but I’ve only hung up 3.

The last one is my favorite, it’s right next to my bed.

Click for full res.

I had 3 posters but have to take them down because I am moving