Aviation Popularity

I officially don’t understand how life works.
So the other day, I was talking to some people from my school, and I told them I knew how to fly a plane. You’d think they’d think it was cool, right? Apparently not. They were busy snap chatting stupid pictures of themselves with dog ears on their faces. Like, come on. How is it that I tell people I can/know how to fly a plane and they still only care about Social Media? It doesn’t make any sense.


You act like this is something rare.


Lets get something straight. In life sometimes, people aren’t going to really care for, or give a matter of care for what you’re saying.

But, you can’t let this get you down, I, myself, find Aviation is the only thing I can base my life around, because I just find it the most interesting, fun, time consuming thing to do/think about; and people say at my school and some of my close friends really just don’t care, I try to tell them about my awesome flying experiences, or facts about aviation in general, and they just. don’t. care.

Try and surround yourself with people who love Aviation JUST as much as you do, and you’ll find that you can relate and have a good conversation with them.

Not everyone finds things that you couldn’t live without interesting, that’s just how life rolls bye ;)


I do both :)


I think this problem happens everywhere. My Friend gets confused when I talk about Aviation-related stuff


I don’t even bother talking to my friend about aviation, there are FEW but right now they only care about jobs. Honestly some people’s dream are aviation but it seems that money always get int the way.

I hate social media. Too many selfies and big egos everywhere.


aviation is deadset the best thing ever

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For us. Don’t really know what other people think.

So do I, the only “Social Media” I’ve got is Google+.

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The only thing I want to use social media for is spotting pictures 😉


I have told friends about aviation and boy they would talk about it until there bored. One friend over the summer kept texting be because he wanted to know a bit about aviation.

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I use social media alot and i know that feeling when people prefer social media to what youre saying but this is the world. even if you said something about their favourite topic they would still ignore you. Aviation is something that some people and others don’t. Its just like marmite. You either love it or you hate it. clearly your friends dont like aviation

Don’t worry none of my friends like aviation. Well beside you guys

you could consider this website my main form of social media but it’s not it’s just a bunch of topics with a bunch of people who love aviation and that’s why I love IF because it’s an aviation sim

They don’t not like it, they’re just too obsessed with their brainless Social Media lives.

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I understand. Sadly that is the world at the momebt

I have other hobbies than aviation, so I don’t really talk to friends about it, but just brush it off your back if they ignore you, and get some friends that actually care.

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Consider yourself lucky. In my high-school it’s like, considered nerdy to be a pilot by most other guys. The whole “I’m a pilot” thing still works on some girls tho 😉

I have some friends who know a bit about aviation and I can kinda talk to them about aviation. As for the social media snapchat and stuff, if they don’t think it’s cool that you can fly a plane, take a few pictures of you departing your local airport and arriving at some cool nearby airport that you fly to. That made my friends jealous when I flew from my city to another in about 20 minutes.