Aviation Photos - Fail Edition

Greetings, IFC! Welcome to my first RWA thread.

In this thread, come post any of your planespotting pics that are a failure, either unintended or deliberate.

  • The photo/s has/have to be yours, shot by you on any photographing device.
  • It has to be an aircraft like an airplane or a helicopter outside of Infinite Flight.
    And lastly…
  • It has to be a fail, shot raw and unedited. Blurry pics, photobombers, structures blocking an opportunity to shoot a good pic are examples of photo failures.

Have fun in this thread, and remember: FAIL PHOTOS ONLY!

Posting IF screenshots defeats the purpose of this RWA thread ;) Here’s mine:

I would have gotten a better shot of this Saudia 747-400 if it weren’t for that cord and sash bar to the left!



This 727 didn’t want me to take a picture of her

If you haven’t noticed, it’s so blurry

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I don’t even know what to say…

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cool spot the pics the best ive seen


Long story short my SD ran out of storage as it approached and I had to delete photos fast and I guess I just wasn’t fast enough

not that bad

Thanks, tripod.

its a good photo other then the nose being cut off other wise it gets an A+ from me 👍

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what’s that runways grade 😂

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Almost perfectly level. My tripod decided to pull a sneaky one on me and the camera got tilted (and the ground where I was spotting wasn’t level too).

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I really like the angle, even if it’s a fail! 😍

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