Aviation Photography Questions


@Matt737 and I are going to be making a new photography guide for aviation as my old one is pretty outdated and needs some updating.

We are asking you, the photographer, what you have questions on that you want to be explained.

Please let us know!


Yeah, any questions you have, just leave a comment, and we’ll address it in our guide. It can be anything related to aviation photography. Thanks!

I’m being genuine, does a plane look more cool and heroic with sunrise light on it or with a sunset light on it?

Although it is subject to your opinion, most people would agree that sunrise/sunset lighting makes a plane look a whole lot better…


I would say sunset, especially for long haul aircraft.


If your using a phone, is it better to take photos/Videos from far or nearby?

Do you have any tips on spotting from a moving airplane?

What tips do you have @Matt737 or @JRRaviation for plane spotting with a iPhone XR

Would there be a time where you’d rather use shutter or aperture priority over manual

@CaptainBarney @Helicopterzzz

We highly recommend not taking pictures with a phone. You have no control over settings, and the picture quality is horrendous.

Probably isn’t the best idea either as windows are usually dirty.

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