Aviation Officer sues former airline employee after United Incident

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What happened

Continuing the discussion from Officers Fired after United Airlines Incident , one of the officers speaks out today claiming to sue an airline employee! In the article, the first paragraph states, “An aviation officer who was fired for dragging a passenger from his seat off a United Airlines plane last year is suing his former employer, claiming that he had not been trained to deal with unruly passengers.”

The Officer is allegedly trying to sue the airline for “compensatory damages” and is claiming, “that airline employees knew calling aviation police would lead to the use of physical force” which lead to the response of the Physician Doctor Dao. This retaliation came from “The incident turned into a public relations debacle for United. Long was fired in August, as was another officer involved in the incident. A third officer was reassigned, according to The Associated Press.”

The officer James Long is going to continue with his commitment of this lawsuit as it erupts. All resources will be stated below to view:


Wow. Just wow. Speechless.


I wonder if he is telling the truth


Is the officer trying to look innocent? I get those vibes when reading this.

Although i know that everyone who was directly involved in incident should get their respective punishment, but this officier who was the one who violently dragged away the Doctor is to blame the most and for most of the injuries the Doctor received.

If the Officer knew that it’d get violent if the cops were called upon then why didn’t he proceed peacefully?


He should be suing cause the airline new that Force was gonna be used to remove the passenger. Hence why the called the police to take the passenger off the plane. He should not have lost his job. Also the passenger could have just got off the plane even if he felt it was wrong and prevented this hole thing from happening.

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Uhh, You mean he? 😉

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I heard about this yesterday, it is horrible to think the officer wasn’t trained properly. But how will we ever really know…

I guess common sense isn’t a job requirement for working at United.


uhhh, I guess that is logical


That is the reason the officer is going with the lawsuit. The airlines knew that calling airport police would get physical, however, they still proceeded to call.

The guy wanted to play stupid games, if you play stupid games you win stupid prizes.

This is the United States of America boys…you’re all forgetting that. The land of the free and the home of the lawsuit. You can literally sue anyone for anything. Will you always win? No, but this guy saw an opportunity and he’s taking it. Can’t blame him.

Wasn’t this incident like 36 years ago? Can’t believe this guy decides to sue him now smh United is the best


So calling the police will always result in physical force?!

What kind of logic is that?

Officers can think and make intelligent decisions, right?

They are also trained to de escalate situations.


If you don’t wanna listen to there commands then yes. If more people would just listen and stop trying to negotiate there way out of things, everything would be so simple. Had he just gotten of off the plane then the police would not have had to use force. Every police department/Officer is trained to be reactionary. That means they react to the situation or the action that is being done by a “said” individual.

There are always two side to the story. I don’t believe most of these police brutality videos because it doesn’t show the full picture of what happened. Never does and it’s for a reason, they only show the action or want to mislead people.


That’s exactly how I feel. The media shows it to be bad on the side of the police.


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