Aviation Nostalgia - What Makes The Feeling For You?

It’s been over 110 years since the first powered aircraft took flight. So much has happened then. The world took to the skies fast, and we’ve gotten faster, larger, heavier, and more efficient. However, what happened “back in the day”? Stepping back in time reveals the supersonic, the trijets, quadjets, turboprops, and piston-powered small airliners. However, what about your own feelings? General Aviation? Military? Historic airlines? Put all the nostalgic aviation here!

Majority of the people here are pretty young, so not much nostalgia can be found.


Definitely analog cockpits and flight engineer panels. I am a fan of today’s technology and modern aircraft, but I also love how most tasks had to be carried out manually in the past.


As @Hamza.N said, I don’t think we’d be too nostalgic for things we didn’t live through.

Image by onemileatatime

But… this gives me serious nostalgia… American’s old 777-200ER first class… when everything was a much simpler time… No stress, no AP classes (lol), when I had too much sleep…

The old seat fabric compared to the modern-day leather… this reminds me American’s true golden age, from when I was alive at least. When American was an industry-leading airline, with their Flagship First Class… and in the early 2010s had an amazing vision featuring new Economy/Business/First Class cabins that were revolutionary compared to the past. Now we’re stuck with airlines squeezing seats whenever they can, reducing seat pitch and comfort.


the american airlines like united, american, and delta always squeeze an extra row or column of seats. Ex: United’s domestic 777s with 10-across seating. Money is more important then passenger experience these days.

The quirky nature of Virgin Blue/Pacific Blue


it’s a macarena parody…

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The nostalgic airliners of the golden age. From the Tri-Motor and DC-3, to the jet age with the 747 and DC-9. Manual flying and no autopilot on most of the planes, analog cockpits. I was lucky enough to fly in a Ford Tri-Motor, twice. It was an amazing and indescribable ride, and just to think, that was normal flying in the 30’s and 40’s, feeling that same feeling early air travelers felt. It was amazing. The nostalgia in that, is just amazing, even though I wasn’t alive then, it brings me back to a time long ago, a time lost in the world of autopilot, electronics, and automated systems. Cheers!


oo,nice. I’ve gotten on a trimotor once, and it was quite a strange ride tbh.

When the MD-80, The first plane I flew on, retired, I felt a emotional and nostalgic hit.

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Awww. I remember my flight when I was little on Iberia’s A340-300. Which is now retired. All flights in Iberia. And their old livery, at least you can still see it in some aircrafts.

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Heathrow’s spotting location. It’s how I got into aviation.

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the 80s and 90s, ahh, the luxurious golden age

Float planes for me. Idk why. they just do me like that.

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they seem old and small, tho some are really new

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