Aviation News Daily (28.03.2020)

Aviation News Daily 28.03.2020

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Airbus Brings Millions Of Face Masks From China To Europe

Airbus has recently delivered important medical supplies to four European countries fighting COVID-19. Today, an aircraft arrived in Spain laden with face masks to distribute throughout Spain, Germany, France and the UK. The airframes is responding to a desperate need for supplies to protect frontline health workers. This is not the first time the aircraft manufacturer has used their planes to bring medical goods to Europe. On March 24th, they used an Airbus A400M to fly medical supplies between Toulouse and Madrid and later they used one of their test A330-800neos to bring these supplies from China.

Birmingham Airport To Take On New Role Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

In fairly morbid news, a temporary mortuary site is being built at Birmingham Airport in the UK. Reports came out Friday of this new project, designed to house as many as 12,000 bodies. While the UK’s death toll is around 2,600 at the time of writing, it is expected to rise, following the trajectory of numerous nations further ahead in the pandemic curve.

Hi Fly Flies Aid From Shanghai To Lisbon On An Airbus A340

A Hi Fly aircraft has touched down in Lisbon with vital medical equipment supplied from China. The flight left Shanghai on the morning of March 27th and arrived in Lisbon by the evening on the same day. This is just one of Hi Fly’s efforts to support those who have been affected by the coronavirus.

A Billionaire Is The Lufthansa Group’s New Largest Shareholder

A report from 26th March indicates that the German industrialist Heinz Hermann Thiele has increased his ownership of the Lufthansa Group to become the airline’s biggest single shareholder. He now owns 5.29% of the company and the recently bought shares are with an estimated value of 195.5 million Euros ($212 million).

Aegean Airlines Turns Airbus A321 Into Temporary Cargo Plane

On March 27th, Aegean Airlines Announced its plans for a series of supply flights which will help the Greek state in its battle against the Coronavirus. The airline will work In cooperation with Hellenic Petroleum, Greece’s largest oil company, and its subsidiary EKO, who will ensure the fuel for the flights.

Croatia Airlines Sends A320 To Pick Up Army From Afghanistan

Croatia Airlines operated a rescue flight to Mazar-I-Sharif in Afghanistan yesterday. The airline flew one of its Airbus A320 aircraft to bring back Croatian and Montenegrin soldiers from a mission in Afghanistan. Flying out of the region, the aircraft made stops in Podgorica and Zagreb on its way back to Europe.

Air Canada Donates Food From Its Kitchens

Amidst all the disruption of the Coronavirus outbreak, there are some moments of community spirit to come out of the pandemic. During these difficult times, Air Canada has stepped up and provided meals for vulnerable people. It has begun to donate food from its kitchens to support Canadian charities.

Air Namibia Suspends Operations Through April

Air Namibia has suspended all flights until at the earliest the 20th of April, following the president’s announcement of a temporary travel ban for all flights in and out of the country on Tuesday. Air Namibia is a bit late to the party, with most airlines having suspended all their operations.

Singapore Airlines Finds $13 Billion In Funding

Yesterday, I covered some news coming from Singapore Airlines, stating that they needed $13 billion worth of funds. Today it seems they have found them. They should help the airline survive not only the pandemic but thrive afterwards.

Wizz Air Ventures 9,000 km To Collect Medical Supplies For Hungary

European Budget Airline Wizz Air is helping to deliver 11 tons of medical equipment from China to Hungary as part of efforts to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. The shipment includes protective gear and test kits. Wizz Air answered the call of the Hungarian government and stepped in to help with transporting the vital supplies with an A321neo.

Turkey Bans International Flights To Stop Virus Spread

Turkey has announced new, strict measures on March 27th in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country. The government has imposed a travel ban on thirty cities and banned all international flights. That means that Turkish Airlines will not be flying at all, as well as some other airlines in the likes of Pegasus.

Boeing Offers The Dreamlifter To Transport Medical Aid

Boeing offered one of its largest aircraft to supply medical air. Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, the aircraft manufacturer announced this week that it has offered the behemoth Dreamlifter to assist in cargo transportation efforts.

Competition Bureau Outlines Air Canada – Air Transat Takeover Concerns

The Competition Bureau of Canada has outlined some concerns about the Air Canada’s acquisition of Air Transat. Some of the concerns indicate fewer options available for passengers to choose air travel or vacation packages.

Delta Will Fly Medical Volunteers For Free

Delta Airlines is offering free flights to qualified medical volunteers to Georgia, Louisiana and Michigan. The carrier will offer free roundtrip travel to medical professionals who volunteer in some of the hardest-hit areas starting from early April.

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This isn’t confirmed YET and most likely will only happen if the NEC becomes a hospital. If this does happen, it would most likely be in one of the small hangars on the elmdon side

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Albania also sent 30 medical personnel to assist with the situation in Italy

albania covid


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