Aviation News Daily (25.03.2020)

No no, I meant British airlines as in British Airways, EasyJet, etc. Both words were capitalized because they’re in a title.

Look, I have covered all news from the 25th plus maybe 2 or 3 from the 24th because they were posted on SimpleFlying’s website after I have posted my article on here.

Regarding this, I have covered it in a previous article, from the 24th or the 23rd, I can’t remember. You might be looking at other websites, however, I have chosen to use SimpleFlying only, as from what I’ve seen in the past few days, the news there are published pretty much as soon as an event happens.

Also, do consider the time zones. I am posting my news articles usually around 2200Z, which is midnight where I live. SimpleFlying, however, are showing the day their article was posted according to my timezone, but it will change if I open the website when I change the time on my computer or open it in another country with a different time zone, as far as I’ve seen. Please do correct me if I’m wrong on this one.

Great post! I laughed at this:

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Actually it was a little bit more then just plastic foil over the seats. The A330-300 was “Kilo India” and it got fitted with specially designed mail provisions on some of the seats and the larger boxes were put on the seats over specially developed anti slip foil. Everything had to be secured as much as possible.
Kilo India was able to load 30 tons of cargo.
The special mail provisions are still available from a time ( it was between 1993 and 2008) when Lufthansa flew the night post for german post. The operation from the “night post star” in Frankfurt included up to 30 B727/737,A300,A310 and A320 which Deutsche Post chartered every night. This made “next day” delivery within germany possible.
Pictures below copyright Lufthansa:
Kilo India full of cargo in the cabin:
image image
Airbus A300-600 loaded with packages for Deutsche Post Nachtflugpost (german post night flight post) service.


Thank you for the informing the IFC! As you might have seen, I am not writing the whole news articles but only a short summary. Thanks for your effort though.