Aviation News Daily (25.03.2020)

Aviation News Daily (25.03.2020)

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No Government Bailout Planned On The Cards For British Airlines

The UK chancellor Rishi Sunak has revealed that there will be no blanket bailout for the UK’s airlines. Late yesterday, he said that any rescue deal would be formed on an individual basis, and only once all other avenues have been thoroughly explored. The industry has been ‘surprised’ by his stance, although it does seem that the government hasn’t completely ruled out taking equity staked in viable airline business.

Qatar Airways Is Rewarding Passengers Who Don’t Take A Refund

In a move to preserve capital and reward passengers, Qatar is amending its refund policy to incentivize travelers. Passengers who opt for a travel voucher instead of a refund will receive a 10% bonus on top of their fare cost. This news comes as Qatar continues to operate over 150 daily flights to 70 destinations, making it the largest carrier by destinations as of currently.

Qatar Airways Ups Airbus A380 Flights Worldwide

As people all over the world try to get home, Qatar Airways is increasing its service to many destinations. Doha airport remains open for transit, and the airline plans to operate additional flight, with several destinations set to get an increased A380 service. They claim that they’re adding extra 10 000 seats to the network from the 24th of March.

Oman Air Will Suspend Flights Until Further Notice

Oman Air has suspended all flights until further notice, joining the lengthy list of other airlines desperately avoiding the fallout of the Coronavirus. The airline has announced that their last flight will be Sunday, 29th of March.

Virgin Australia Cuts 90% Of Domestic Capacity

Virgin Australia has shut down 90% of all its domestic flights and is standing down over 8000 workers as the airline enters hibernation to get over the Coronavirus pandemic. This will be a significant increase from the previous 50%. This also cuts the services of the carrier’s low-cost arm Tigerair, which will be grounded effective immediately. This could see the complete bankruptcy of Virgin Australia, as it is in $5 billion AUD, one fifth of which they have in cash.

Alitalia To Be Downsized Following Nationalization

Struggling carrier Alitalia is in the process of being taken over by the government. However, while the government intervention may well have been a lifeline for the struggling airline, the Alitalia that merges from the other side may look very different. Sky News Italy have reported that the Italian Government is working with an extraordinary commissioner Guiseppe Leogrande in order to create a new national carrier, a shadow of Alitalia’s former self.

Southwest Scraps Inflight Refreshments Due to Virus Concerns

Southwest Airlines is taking measures to continue to limit interactions and potential for virus transmission onboard its flights. For now, starting March 25th, Southwest is suspending all inflight service. As well as potential transmission of the virus via the packaging of the inflight meals and other items, this will limit the interaction with flight attendants.

Thai Airways Prepares To Suspend Most Flights By April 1st

Thai Airways is preparing to suspend and shut down most of its capacity on April 1st, (not an April Fools joke :D), as the world is undergoing a massive lockdown to combat the deadly disease spreading rapidly. The airline itself has been resistant to most changes, but due to many neighbouring countries now closing their borders, the airline has decided to reduce capacity.

Hi Fly Is Now Offering Ready To Go Repatriation Planes

Portuguese airline Hi Fly is introducing new measures to better prepare their aircraft and crew to operate repatriation flights. ‘Covid Ready To Go’ teams will help the airlines respond quickly to charter requests amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

British Airways Continues Flights Via Singapore Despite Transit Ban

British Airways is continuing to fly to Australia via Singapore despite a transit ban in the Asian nation. The move is in contrast to Australian alliance partner Qantas, which has begun rerouting its Sydney to London service.

Qantas Completes World’s First Non-Stop Australia To London A380 Flight

The first non-stop A380 service between Australia and the UK has touched down at London Heathrow this morning. In doing so, Qantas flight QF1 clocked up two aviation milestones. Besides being the first non-stop A380 service between the two countries, it was the first non-stop service between Darwin and London.

The Airbus A380: Now A Scarce Sight In Our Skies

The corona-crisis has effectively pushed the Airbus A380 out of the skies. On Wednesday morning, only 9 aircraft from the type were airborne. As the UAE halts passenger traffic, it effectively grounds nearly half of the world’s A380s, which are operated by Emirates.

Bamboo Airways’ First European Flight Touches Down In Prague

Bamboo Airways’ first European flight has touched down in Prague today. In agreement with the Czech Republic, the flight repatriated Europeans, while also bringing vital aid to the continent. The 9-hour non-standard route was operated by a 787-9 registered as VN-A829. Onboard were 300 stranded Czech citizens.

Why did Boeing build the Dreamlifter?

Maybe you have never seen the Boeing 747 Dreamlifter? There are not a whole lot around, only 4 exist. The Dreamlifter is the world’s longest cargo aircraft. It was built in order to transport 787 parts from Boeing factories around the world. It is basically the Boeing equivalent of the Airbus Beluga and the newer Beluga XL.

America’s Travel Ban Could Cost The Industry Over $2 Billion

The 30 day travel ban between the USA and Europe could cost more than US$2 billion. Midway between a ban running between mid-March to mid-April, revenue from about 5.5 million seats will be lost. It will be a devastating blow to an industry being brought to its knees by both the closure of borders and cessation of travel demand.

Thailand Introduces Non-Citizen Entry Ban From Midnight

Earlier today, Thailand became the last in a long line of countries to announce it will be closing its borders. Effective midnight, foreigners will no longer be allowed to enter the country. It has yet to restrict movement inside the country but will set up inter-provincial check-points.

Boeing 737 MAX Still On Course For Mid Year Return To Service, With Aims To Resume Production In May

Following an incredibly tough few weeks for Boeing, there has been some good news for the plane manufacturer. Today, its share price surged higher after confirmation that it will stick to a mid-2020 return for the 737 MAX. Reports from today suggest that Boeing is eyeing not only an operations return after a long year of the aircraft being grounded; but a production return. However, the current Coronavirus situation may challenge the production and operation of the 737 MAX. In February, there have been 59 orders cancelled for the family of aircraft.

Inside The World Of Antarctic Blue Ice Runways

As the Coronavirus continues to make headlines around the world, we thought we’d have a look at the last continent on Earth that doesn’t have a single case of COVID-19, and the unique blue-ice runways. We’re of course referring to Antarctica and the scientists and support staff that live and work on the white continent’s scientific bases. Due to the harsh weather conditions, very few people ever get the opportunity to visit this vast frozen wonderland. Believe it or not, blue-ice runways are used for wheeled aircraft, as asphalt and concrete wouldn’t really be efficient. So planes like the A320 are using ice runways to operate there. The full article can be read here.

Panicked AirAsia Pilots Flee Coronavirus Through Cockpit Window

It’s completely understandable to be a little worried about the world’s Coronavirus crisis. With many European countries under lockdown, the reality of the virus can seem scary. However, it apparently prover far too much for two AirAsia pilots. The two pilots escaped the aircraft through the cockpit window, which appears to be prompted by concerns over the Coronavirus. However, all passengers onboard tested negative.

Lufthansa Turns An Airbus A330 Into Cargo Plane

With much of the fleet grounded, Lufthansa has converted one of its A330-300s into a cargo plane. While the COVID-19 pandemic takes its toll on Germany, the airline is assisting in the transportation of important medical supplies from China. Essentially, the “conversion” is just several pieces of plastic foil over the seats, on which there are boxes of medical supplies.

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If in a worst case scenario BA flops, what will replace it? Basically nothing can take the greatness of BA.


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Well, one tiny problem:

India has banned all Domestic and International Flights. All Airports Are Closed.

That should’ve been huge news, as:

Delhi International Airport is the world’s busiest airport for A320s!

You’ve missed quite some news there.

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I was supposed to fly Southwest from Portland (PDX/KPDX) to Lihue (LIH/PHLI) and Kona (KOA/PHKO) connecting through San Jose (SJC/KSJC) this weekend!

I can’t wait until this pandemic is over

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And the same thing has been happening in many countries all over the world in the last days. Sure, might be important news for India but we re getting a little repetitive

I can’t wait everything turns good again for everyone, … and of course the aviation industry

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India has shut down the airports. All trains, planes, and whatever you can think of is closed. U.S. airports are still operating, and so are airports in other places.

And it’s not just international flights that have been banned. but even domestic flights. It’s nowhere at the scale of India, where mind you, more than 1.3 billion people live. A 21-day lockdown has caused my relatives to be stuck here in the U.S. and there is no repatriation plan.

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Nope, Europe is almost completely closed and has started much earlier than in India. There are almost 0 normal passenger flights taking place apart from essential connections, repatriation flights and cargo. I havent been out of my house for 2 weeks. I hope your relatives will find a way to get back home. There are hundreds of people from my country that are stuck in Europe s roads with nowhere to go

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India is not operating any flights. No repatriation, no cargo, no essential connections, nothing. I also haven’t be out of my house for 2 weeks, and in fact, I might not even be out till May.

Hundreds of people stuck in Europe, I get that’s sad, but when you’re talking about several thousands of Indians stuck around the world, that’s a different deal.

It’s not possible to go out of the house in India. Only groceries or banking. Essential items. No repatriation plan, and I’m not faking it. The Indian Consulates in the U.S. just stated that. No repatriation flights as of now.

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Very nice informative post! Thanks!
Wonder what this “new” Alitalia will look like…
Great that Southwest is protected their employees and crew.
Can’t wait to see the Max back in the skies, but hopefully no Boeing employees get COVID while working on it… saw that they closed down buildings in Washington for non-management employees

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What can i say then, just hoping this ends asap. Believe me, we are all suffering in the same way all over the world. I think its a time when we should be united instead of arguing whether this or that should be on a IFC thread.

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