Aviation News Daily (21.04.2020)

Aviation News Daily (21.04.2020)

Hello, guys! I had some technical difficulties with my computer, so I have to release the news late. Sorry about that. Just like yesterday, today we have a good amount of news. Enjoy!

Air Canada Finishes With Repatriation Efforts

Over the last month, Air Canada operated many repatriation flights in collaboration with the Canadian Government in order to bring Canadian citizens back home from countries all around the world. However, they have announced that these flights are coming close to the end. About 6,600 Canadian citizens have been flown back to Canada from all sorts of countries: Morocco, Argentina, Colombia, Peru to name a few.

Repatriation Fligths
Number of flights Origin
7 Lima
4 Quito
3 Casablanca
4 Algiers
1 Barcelona
1 Bogotá
1 Buenos Aires

There were 21 repatriation flights operated by Air Canada

Airbus Offers Contactless Aircraft Delivery

During the global Coronavirus outbreak, everyone wants to stay home to protect themselves and travelling somewhere far away to pick up an aircraft is the exact opposite of what pilots want to do. Additionally, that’s not really considered a vital journey, which is a problem for both the aircraft manufacturer and the carrier, as well as its customers. Well, Airbus has come to the rescue with a new contactless concept to deliver aircraft. For that, Airbus has made encrypted systems for signing contracts, appoints somebody to do a thorough check of the plane and sends somebody to deliver the plane. Not a ludicrous concept in my opinion, I was expecting something more complicated.

Austrian Airlines To Retire Half Of Its 767s

Austria’s flag carrier is set to retire half of its 767 fleet. This move is a result of the airline’s decisions with dealing with its post-pandemic future. The aircraft that are set to leave the airlines are OE-LAT, OE-LAW and OE-LAX.

Emirates Pushes Projected Flight Resumption Date

Emirates has pushed their projected time for resuming their regular flights. They initially suspended operations in March and had announced they’d resume operations in May. But now, they pushed the resumption date to the 1st of July, about two months from now. All flights in the time period between March and now have been solely to repatriate passengers, both foreigners stuck in UAE and UAE citizens stuck abroad.

Corsair Retires Its Final Boeing 747

Corsair is retiring their 3 747-400s one year earlier than they planned to do so. This means that it ends an era for the French aviation, as the TUI subsidiary and Paris-Orly-based airline is the last French carrier to operate the Queen of the Skies.

This is really sad for me, as I really like the 747, despite being a hardcore Airbus fan. The 747 will undoubtedly become more rare and more rare certainly, so if you have the chance to spot one flying, you are a really lucky person.

AirBaltic Is Winning With The Airbus A220

While other airlines are rejecting delivery of their ordered aircraft, AirBaltic is doing the exact opposite: They’re negotiating to get them faster. The CEO of the Latvian airline, Martin Gauss, is setting the start for rapid post-pandemic expansion, which will be all thanks to the A220.

British Airways Repatriates Thousands Of People From India

British Airways repatriated thousands British citizens from India. The flights were in collaboration with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth office. The UK FCO is working with other airlines too, Jet2, Virgin Atlantic and EasyJet to name a few. British Airways alone have operated 65 repatriation flights and the number is growing.

FlyDubai Banned By Somaliland

Somaliland, a small self-declared state, has banned Air Arabia and FlyDubai from flying to the capital of the land. This comes after an incident in March which required an aircraft en route to turn around because Somalia ordered the airplane to do so.

What’s The Future Of Economy Class?

How are airlines going to stuff as many people as possible into the cabin and abide by the social distancing rules? An Italian aircraft interior design firm presented a concept which will allow airlines to do both at the same time. The style nicknamed Yin-Yang consists of a normal row of economy class seats, but with a twist quite literally. The middle seat will be turned around to face towards the back of the plane.

This is what the concept looks like. The image was found on the news article’s page.

There is another concept, which looks alike. It is more similar to the standard economy class layout we’re used to seeing.

This is an image of the concept. It was also taken from the news article’s page

The news articles are two separate ones, I combined them together, as they are similar.

Lufthansa Removes Seats From Four A330 Aircraft

Lufthansa is working on removing the all seats from four of their Airbus A330 aircraft in order to temporarily convert it to a cargo hauler. Additionally, some of their Airbus A350 aircraft to transport cargo on the seats. These passenger jets are used with the airline’s 15 cargo aircraft, 7 777s and 6 MD-11s as the German flag carrier prioritizes cargo as of now. The trijets are set to be retired, but their retirement was postponed due to the high cargo demand.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Postpones Expansion Plans

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport announced on Monday that they’ll be delaying their plans to open the new terminal. The new terminal’s construction, intended to be opened in 2023, is pushed back from June this year. The original idea for a new Terminal A came as the demand was increasing until recently. The design for the new terminal was made by KAAN Architecten in 2017 and is meant to be an extension of the current terminal.

Turkish Airlines Will Operate Almost 200 Rescue Flights This Week

The month of Ramadan is approaching and Turkish airlines will operate nearly 200 repatriation flights this week to bring stranded Turkish nationals. These flights are set to bring about 25,000 passengers back home from 59 countries. This is in conflict with an announcement earlier this month, stating that they wouldn’t be doing any passenger flights.

Air Canada Enables Passengers To Earn Status By Just Sitting At Home

Until the 31st of May, members of Aeroplan can earn miles by just sitting at home. What it is in a nutshell is activities you complete at home to earn miles. Examples of such activities are making purchases through the Aeroplan eStore, making purchases on a co-branded credit card, or transferring 50,000 miles from a partner hotel to the campaign.

This news article was kind of hard for me to understand, so it was hard for me to rephrase it. I’m really sorry about that

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