Aviation News Daily (19.04.2020)

Aviation News Daily (19.04.2020)

Hello, guys and Happy Easter if you’re celebrating. Today we have even less aviation news than yesterday, as it is Sunday and a holiday for some people. If you want to know what happened with yesterday’s AND, I will add a details tab at the bottom of the post, so anyone interested can have a look at the story, after reading the news, of course ;). I hope you still enjoy the aviation news, despite them being only a handful.

Finnair Is Studying A330 Cargo Conversions

Finnair has been maintaining its cargo operations to and from Asia with its A350 aircraft for some time now, with over 10 flights being performed. The airline seems to be really interested in upscaling its cargo offerings, which was shown by Finnair’s CEO, Topi Manner on Twitter this weekend. There was a screenshot from FlightRadar posted on the CEO’s Twitter account, showing the “flock” of 3 A350s flying together. Topi Manner added that they are indeed analyzing A330 cargo modifications.

Screenshotted from Twitter

Hawaiian Airlines Removes Crew Rest Module In Order To Fly Masks From China

Hawaiian Airlines removed the crew rest modules out of one of their 6 Airbus A330-200 aircraft. This was done in order to provide more room for vital cargo. The specially chartered aircraft departed Honolulu International Airport (IATA: HNL/ICAO:PHNL) for China, where two million face masks will be loaded into the aircraft for the Hawaii’s citizens.

Air France Parks Its Planes With Short-Term Storage Procedures

Earlier this week, the French flag carrier shared that 80% of their fleet is parked in short-term storage. Air France added on Thursday they were taking an active approach to maintain aircraft for a return to the airborne state in no more than three months.

What Air France is doing is known in aviation as “active storage”. That means that aircraft will stay grounded for 1 to 3 months. 150 work hours will be required to keep aircraft ready for operation after the Coronavirus pandemic passes.

Air Arabia’s Abu Dhabi Launch Still On Track For 2020

According to reports, Air Arabia’s launch in Abu Dhabi is still planned to go ahead in the coming month despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The launch of the UAE-based low-cost carrier is set for Q2 or 2020. The Coronavirus crisis has largely stopped international travel, but Air Arabia and their partner Etihad don’t see it as an issue.

Airlines Are Offering Thanksgiving Travel Fares For Less Than $500

For the majority of Americans, the idea of leisure travel in the following few weeks is not on the cards. However, during one of the country’s busiest travel periods, airlines are offering some really low fares. Bellow I’ll list some of the best Thanksgiving-week travel deals departing the USA.

New York to Paris
  • Corsair - $233 – That’s the cheapest one for this route.

  • French Bee - $266 (Tickets for that flight are also sold by Air Caraibes, so if you guys wanna fly these routes in IF, you have options for aircraft ;) )

  • Norwegian - $368

  • United - $397 (Tickets for this flight are also sold by Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines)

Los Angeles to Beijing
  • American Airlines - $498 (Tickets for this flight are also sold by China Southerm)
Within North America
  • Alaska Airlines – New York to Los Angeles - $272

  • Delta Airlines – New York to Los Angeles - $302

  • WestJet – Los Angeles to Toronto - $338 (Tickets for this flight are also sold by Delta Airlines)

  • Air Canada - Los Angeles to Toronto - $430 (Tickets for this flight are also sold by United Airlines)

These are only some of the deals. The info was from this news article. I pulled out the data out of the screenshots on the page. If you are interested in travelling around Thanksgiving, make sure to check it out.

Korean Airlines Seeking Aid As Airlines Cut Costs

The pressure is rising for the South Korean Government to form a deal that would help Korean airlines. The government did reveal a financial package on March 24th, , consisting of $4 billion, but there was a lack of the specifics about how the aid would be spent on the aviation industry. The result is that Korean carriers are now taking matters into their control to sustain cash.

Saudia Airlines’ 777 Repatriation Flight Receives A Warm Welcome in Jeddah

On April 16th, Saudia Airlines completer the repatriation of its nationals from the US successfully. The effort was carried out with 90 staff members to fly over 180 Saudi citizens back home. A Boeing 777-300ER was used for the trip, registered as HZ-AK42 and under the flight number SV41. The 90 staff members committed over 40 work hours.

AirAsia Announces Resumption Of Domestic Flights

The Asian low-cost carrier has announced the resumption of domestic flights from the 29th of April. This, however, will not be the carrier’s full schedule, as the airline still has to recover quite a bit. AirAsia has planned to gradually resume operations, with domestic flight resumptions followed by international ones.

CityJet Enters Examinership

Last Friday, a High Court judge in Ireland appointed an interim examiner to allow the Irish wet-lease specialist breathing room to escape its creditors during the Coronavirus outbreak. The Dublin-based carrier operates regularly scheduled flights on behalf of two flag carriers – Aer Lingus and SAS.

This is the story of yesterday's AND, open only if you want to read a long wall of text.

I’m going to keep the privacy of the people in the story.

Some of you may have wondered what happened with yesterday’s AND. It got locked and unlisted for plagiarism. Basically what happened was someone accused me of Copy Pasta. I’m not going to lie, his proof looked as if I was indeed copying and pasting info without reading through it. However, no one knows how I am doing the Aviation News Daily.

One thing I can guarantee. Never once in the Aviation News Daily series have I directly copied information. I was rewriting the information almost word for word, which, again, not gonna lie, made the statement I copied and pasted information even more believable. I admit that this was my fault. I shouldn’t have rewritten the news word for word. My friends on the IFC know that I barely sleep because I want to make the ANDs for you.

I have made some occasional edits of the text here and there, added my own comments to it, etc. I really enjoy making this daily series for you. I have nothing to lie about to you, because why would I? To save myself from a punishment? This would only get me into deeper trouble.

The thing that I still cannot get over is the fact that I was accused of plagiarism. Before I share my thoughts on this, I really quickly wanna say that I do not mean to offend anybody with my thoughts. We need to get the meaning of the term “plagiarism” straight. Plagiarism means getting content and sharing it as your own without giving credit to the source of the information. These of you who read the last bit of every post will know that I always add a little sentence which says where the news articles were from. I recently started adding another little bit which says that I have written the words of the post myself with. That is supposed to mean that the Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V key combinations were never used. That is in fact what set off the whole argument over the how I actually do my ANDs. (I interpret it as an argument)

After some messages with a mod (I’m not willing to share who I talked with), I understood that, despite me not completely agreeing with the statement I was a plagiarist, I was in the wrong for that situation.

After these experiences, I have decided to make changes to how I make the ANDs. First, I will rephrase the words as much as I can, so that they are not 1:1 with the original article, but still has the same information. Something which will remain the same are the occasional comments here and there. I will only add them if I have something to comment on the news article though, I cannot force myself to comment something I do not have an opinion on.

I will also try to post images more often, as I think that will prove even more that I am not a plagiarist and do not do Copy Pasta.

That was my view of the whole situation, this expressed my opinion and my opinion only.

Thank you if you made it this far and for reading this story.

I have one more announcement to make. I will no longer add the “Every word in this thread is written by me” thing, as this was the source of the trouble. You have my man’s word that this has been true, is true and will remain true.

I would also like to say sorry if the story hidden in a details tab if it was out of place. I think the people who like the AND series deserve to know what happened.

That’s All, Folks!

I really love doing these Aviation News Daily Summaries for you, the Infinite Flight Community, keep this in mind.

Happy Easter to you and your families (If you’re celebrating)

I hope you enjoyed today’s Aviation News Daily!

I hope I saved you some time and succeeded in my mission to keep you guys up-to-date in the aviation world.

All news stories are from SimpleFlying’s website. Any critique, tips, opinions, comment and advice is awaited, respected and appreciated!


Thanks for such a great coverage. I really hope this whole things blows over in a few months as I have 2 flights (planned) to be on the 747 this year. At the same time I’m thinking that I’m unfortunately going to get an aircraft change at some point.

Let’s just hope everything turns back to normal, I’ve noticed people in my area start to ironically get outside more, so I think people are starting to get back to normalcy albeit the conditions.


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