Aviation News Daily (16.04.2020)

Aviation News Daily (16.04.2020)

Hello, guys! I had some spare time to work on today’s aviation news because, as most of you might have noticed, there is a Google API issue and the Android users cannot fly right now. I usually fly when I do these news summaries for you guys, so now there’s one less thing to worry about.

Anyway, enough of the blog info, let’s get to today’s aviation news!

Ethiopian Airlines Can Survive Off Cargo Until July

Ethiopian Airlines’ CEO, Tewolde Gebremariam, had revealed on the 7th of April a staggering $550 million loss in passenger revenue since January. As far as the current situation is concerned, Ethiopian Airlines can survive off its cargo operations until early July. However, if the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on the travel industry persists for more than three months, Africa’s biggest airline might require state help for its survival.

EasyJet Founder Wants Airline’s CEO Removed

It seems like barely a day goes by without EasyJet’s founder, Stelios Haji-Ioannou kicking off about something. Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, Sir Stelios has been calling ever louder about the cancellation of EasyJet’s Airbus order, even threatening to remove non-executive directors over the issue. Today, it seems like he’s going right to the top, calling for removal of Johan Lundgren, the CEO of EasyJet.

WestJet To Lay Off 700 Pilots At The End Of April

At the end of this month, WestJet will lay off 700 of its pilots in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The redundancies will be made across WestJet, WestJet Encore and Swoop. The airline has been much hampered by the slump in travel demand and is now reducing its workforce to match operational capacity.

Lufthansa Mulls Swapping Boeing 777X Delivery Slots For Freighters

Lufthansa is reportedly interested in Boeing 777 Freighters than the Boeing 777-9 in short term. The suggestion comes as the group prepares for years of recovery from the current situation. The German flag carrier has reported that swapping the 777X delivery slots for the 777F is on the cards for them.

Frankfurt Airport Traffic Falls 62% As Planes Are Parked

Despite being the hub of German aviation, the global downturn in traffic has hit Frankfurt Airport hard. In fact, in March the airport’s passenger traffic dropped by over 60%. However, cargo is undoubtedly still going, and going strong.

Cathay Pacific Considers Cancelling Boeing 777X Order

Cathay Pacific is rumored to be considering the cancelation of its 777X order. It was placed in 2013 and was for 21 aircraft from the type. The total cost is about USD 8.3 billion adjusted to the inflation. They were supposed to receive the jets in 2021, but it is entirely possible that the order for them will be cancelled.

TAP Air Portugal Asks For State Support

This week, TAP Air Portugal appealed to the government for funds to ensure its survival post-Coronavirus. The airline is operating a severely reduced schedule that poses a direct threat to its future. The airline has not disclosed the amount of aid requested.

indian Government States Airlines Must Refund Lockdown Tickets

The Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) has announced today that all airlines must provide cash refunds to passengers who booked their tickets for the second phase of the county’s lockdown. Anyone who purchased tickets for flights operating between the 15th of April and the 3rd of May will be reimbursed. Initially, the country was due to leave lockdown this week, but this has been extended until May.

12 Year Old Alaska Airlines Airbus A320 Gets Sent To The Scrapyard

On Thursday, a Twitter user from Marana, Arizona, spotted an Alaska Airlines A320 being stirpped for parts. The aircraft was only 12 years old when it was sent to the boneyard Pinal Airpark in November last year. The aircraft was registered as N634VA and was belonging to Virgin America and then transferred to Alaska Airlines in 2018. This type of aircraft is usually scrapped after about 30 years of service.

This is a really sad sight for me, as I am a massive Airbus fan and especially of the A320.

Entire Lufthansa A340-600 Fleet Bound For Aircraft Graveyard

Lufthansa is sending its entire fleet of Airbus A340-600 aircraft to long term storage at a Spanish aircraft graveyard. The airline owns 17 aircraft of the type and each will be decommissioned over the next 2 months.

EasyJet To Block Out Middle Seats When Flights Restart

As COVID-19 travel restrictions begin to lift, EasyJet is planning to block out middle seats on all of its flight. This move should allow for some better social distancing once the budget carrier starts flying again.

Heavy British Airways A380 Crushes French Airport Taxiway

Yesterday, a British Airways A380 damaged the taxiway in Chateauroux, France. I’m surprised I rewrote the town’s name correctly Three quarters or the British Airways’ Airbus A380 fleet is now in long term storage at the French airport amid a global decline in the aviation industry.

The New Air Force One Boeing 747 Flight Manual Costs A Crazy $84m

The forthcoming replacements to the US Air Force VC-25A, also known as Air Force One, are not a cheap project. Today it has been revealed that just the manuals alone will cost the US Air Force more than $80 million. While that’s a fraction of the cost of the overall $5+ billion project, it’s still quite a considerable amount of money, especially for a book.

Austrian Further Extends Flight Suspension Until Mid-May

While Austria cautiously began easing its lockdown on Tuesday, its flag carrier Austrian Airlines has announced it is extending its flight suspension until the 17th of May. The airline said in a statement on Thursday that it stands ready for a show relaunch, depending on the travel regulations.

Air New Zealand Plans To Fire All Boeing 777 Crew

Air New Zealand has a plan to fire all the crew for the 777, which effectively means removing 1,000 people from its team with the aim to cut costs. The airline announced today that all of its Boeing 777 cabin crew would lose their jobs, along with a large portion of the Dreamliner team. This is to tackle what the airline is calling a ‘surplus’ of workers during the current travel downturn.

Finnair Set To Convert A350s Into Cargo Planes

Finnair is following the lead of other passenger airlines and converting its aircraft into more freight-friendly jets. The airline disclosed this week that it would convert two of its Airbus A350 to meet cargo demand between Europe and Asia.

Current Climate Forces Korean Air To Delay Zagreb Return

Korean Air has again postponed the resumption to Zagreb, Croatia, this time until September 2020. Tickets are on sale for flights that are not certainly going to happen.

Right now, I and @AlphaSeven are flying that same route in IF.

Private 777 Now Flying Vital Cargo

Crystal Cruises has lent its private VIP Boeing 777-200LR for vital cargo flights, using its exceptional long-range to link distant destinations as part of the fight against the Coronavirus. This entry join other strange aircraft flying emergency freight like Airbus’ prototypes, Antonov super transports and even borrowed American football team planes.

Delta Airlines Will Receive $5.4 Billion In Government Aid

Delta Airlines will receive $5.4 billion in government aid in return for a 1% stake in the airline to the government. That is according to a memo sent to employees on April 14th from the CEO, Ed Bastian.

Alaska Airlines And Horizon Air To Receive Almost $1 Billion In Aid

Alaska Airlines has announced details of the government assistance it will receive through Payroll Support Program under the CARES Act. The April 14th release indicated that the airlines will receive a total of $992 million in funding to support the airline.

Transit Ban Causes Huge drop In Singapore Airlines Traffic

Singapore Airlines has confirmed what was widely acknowledged; ongoing service cancellations will impact the airline’s financial performance. On Wednesday, April 15th, Singapore Airlines released its March performance measurements, which shows about 65% decline in passenger numbers.

Qantas Criticized For Ignoring Social Distancing On Flight

A full Qantas flight on Monday, April 13th, has come under the fire of ignoring the social distancing protocols. Photos of the domestic service, operating from Townsville to Brisbane, have cropped up on Twitter with at least one passenger unhappy about the lack of personal space.

That’s all, Folks!

I hope you enjoyed today’s Aviation News Daily! Every word in this thread, as well as in all the previous ones, plus the ones to come, are written by me, nothing was directly copied and pasted.

I also hope I saved you some time and succeeded in my mission to keep you guys up-to-date in the aviation world.

Thanks to @AlphaSeven for suggesting to add photos to the articles, that will hopefully make the articles more interesting and informative (graphically informative possibly). I also decided to add some of my own thoughts and comments to the articles.

All news stories are from SimpleFlying’s website. Any critiques, tips, opinions, comment and advice is awaited, respected and appreciated!


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