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kam goes to an airshow part 2.

Been anticipating sharing some of these shots over the past few days as they’re more or less my favorite than from day one. These are more of aircraft in action than static display. On day two of the event, I decided to go alone and bring my sister to watch the live performances.

I might be posting a third topic down the week with photos of the rest of day 2 including the F-35A and F-22A demos. Enjoy!

A head-on shot with VFA-122’s CAG F/A-18F Super Hornet as they waves to the crowd before his demo. The F variant of the Super Hornet is a 2-seater unlike the one in IF which is the E variant with one seat.

One of the 2 EA-18G Growlers from VAQ-129 arriving after the demo. The Growler variant of the F/A-18 (EA-18) is built as an Electronic Warfare aircraft.

It’s difficult to choose which 2 shots I want like the most from the Super Hornet demo, but these 2 take the cake with the Super Hornet doing an inverted high speed pass and a high-G left turn.

The next few images are aircraft departing in preparation for the Combines Arms Demo. This is an F-35A, probably the loudest jet at the show basically disregarding the purpose of being a Stealth Fighter.

An F-16C Block 42 from the 422nd Test & Evaluation Squadron based locally at Nellis.

The F-15E from the local Weapons Squadron leaving with some heat.

The Splinter playing as the bad guys with callsign MIG1!

The wingmen being The Ghost playing as MIG2. The pilot is Col. Matthew Swanson whose on his Fini Flight with the 64th Aggressors. Essentially, his retirement flight from the squadron or even the Air Force.

F-22A is probably getting low altitude warning while the P-51 is attempting to keep his speed. F-35A pilot is admiring the fact that her $400K USD helmet allows her to see through the plane.


Canon Rebel EOS 250D
Canon Rebel EOS 450D [OLD]
Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3
Tamron 100-400mm F/4.5-6.3
Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod

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Amazing photos 😍


Wow I was there was one really cool airshow Also I am sad the F-22 raptor demo pilot is done :(


Also really cool pictures!


Yeah, Cabo unfortunately did his last demo with the team on Day 3 of the air show (Day 2 for the public). Got a few pics with him actually!


That’s sad. I saw Cabo fly here at the Fort Worth Airshow in October


These go hard 🔥


That’s so cool!

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Some of my good picks


I thought it was over @Kamryn

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It is but they do one just for military families

I’m looking over these photos as I watch a Growling Sidewinder video so I guess I can officially declare myself an expert on fighter jets? :) lol great photos tho, love seeing them all!

Also @FLIGHT_G_YT to the best of my knowledge it is over, but he is posting more pics from the airshow that he took while it was happening (the title says day two).


It ended last Sunday, I’m just posting the topics as I finish editing each batch of photos. All the shots from this topic are taken from the morning of Sunday (11/6)


As for the military / first responder day, that would’ve been last Friday (11/4).

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