Aviation Museum (NAS pensacola)

Today I went to visit the museum at NAS pensacola were there are many displays of vintage aircraft and some recent ones as well. Here are my best shots.


I hope you enjoyed and that you can visit this place it is amazing.


I used to live there and my dad took me almost every week😭😭

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A bronco! We have a civilian one here at KVGT… completely operable and stuff. Really sweet.

Nice pics :)


Thank you guys!

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I went up there in February 2020, what a treat that was. Hopefully another virus or variant doesn’t ruin my plans to go back.

me that lives in the uk

sad @lhr_pilot noises


Yeah I mean I don’t live in the UK but there could be some aviation museums there.

Great pics! I used to live in Pensacola. I got to visit the museum and go to the blue angel practices all the time. I love this museum!

Thank you yes I watch the blue angels practice often and I go to some shows also.

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Nice, I definitely have to make that trip later this year.

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Yes it’s worth the trip.

I would also recommend visiting some of the forts such as fort Pickens, fort barrancas, etc. Nice pieces of history. And the beach of course lol

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Yes many of those forts have a lot of history to tell and fun to visit


I grew up in Bay Minette, close to airport 1R8. The Navy uses our airport for to UPT, bringing in T-6’s and T-45’s. I have a ton of memories visiting NAS Pensacola, and the Naval Aviation Museum. Check out the Blue Angel’s full motion sim on the second story above the Cubi Cafe, if you haven’t already.

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Yea that’s what I did there its really fun and a great experience

Yea hopefully