Aviation memes

Well guys, I decided to make a new “aviation Memes” thread where we can all share our funniest memes we made/saw. All the old threads are closed, so let’s get this one active! Here are my favorite:

Let’s see what you got!
Guys, please be respectful, and make sure there are no insulting memes whatsoever. IF there is a problem here due to these things, a Mod will be messaged. Thanks!


Yeah… 3 different topics was closed before for a reason. It clogged up the whole community thread and ends up in a mess. This was a Message from Schyllberg.

Sorry to say this!

Sadly, every meme thread to be opened has always been closed. Mainly due to people not being respectful and bringing up sensitive incidents that have taken place in the form of memes.

Who knows, we might be allowed to open one in the future. But right now, we’re not ready for one.

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Check this one - it was the most recent and it was closed.
Sorry :(

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