Avíatíon Mémés

Hey guuuys!
I have searched and searched for Avíatíon Mémés in this forum and haven’t found any OPEN posts sooo… WELL! Please corecct me if I am wrong.

Lets start with the Avíatíon Mémés 👌👌👌!

After Southwest cancelled their Peanuts they need something else. This is their fresh and healthy new alternative!

Just post your Mémés here! Keep the thread alive 👍✌

Not funny, no requirement for it using valuable storage space I’m afraid, particularly when it brings nothing of value to the community.

Apologies, appreciate the effort but next time be more conscientious to what will contribute some meaningful content to entice discussion and debate.


Didn’t another meme thread get taken down? I thought one did. Not trying to be rude at all, but I think @schyllberg may have said no more meme threads. Don’t quote me on that, but I think he may have.

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Well, then come up with some Memes yourself! Post them! Maybe we can have a good laugh on them…

No need for this. Plenty of other topics have been created, all were closed

Also I’m pretty sure Southwest ain’t gonna put salad on flights that came from a grocery store

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There is a reason the other 4 are closed

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Although most are closed, there are plenty of these mEmEs going around

I really don’t want the devs to close this :(

Don’t worry, devs won’t close the thread

Mods will though


Haven’t reached that part of the road yet…
Ill chat with the team and work out whether we’re approaching a part 4 or not. Thanks :)