Aviation maintenance technology ratings...?

There is a FAA-AMT license that’s for working on American Aircrafts. Then there is the European license that I have no clue what is called for working on European Aircrafts… the question is why? And Boeing is home grown here in the US while Airbus is manufactured in Europe. Why can’t we be unified? Why can’t we just have one rating for both Boeing and Airbus Aircrafts?

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If we gonna unify Airbus and Boeing, let’s not forget Bombardier, Embraer, ECT.

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Saaaaayyyhhhh whaaaaaat!!! There is more Manufacturers out there? I must be living under a rock!


I think as long as you have a&p licence you should be able to work on any kind of aircraft unless they require type certificate or something like that. I am going through this a&p program and nobody has ever mentioned that you need a different licence for those but I maybe wrong or unaware of it.


I’m also attempting to complete an aviation maintenance technology program at California by Oakland flyers and the Oakland air museum… but in Europe you have to go to school for 3 years and do an internship for 2 years and that’s even longer than it would take for the US FAA-A&P license… kudos! Lol

Really, I am doing it at the city college of San Francisco facility nearby SFO. But yeah I have no idea how systems in the EU works.

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