Aviation Magazine?

How would you feel if I made a monthly aviation magazine/newspaper? It would include, aircraft orders, new aircraft, airport news and much more! I would create a website for it and upload the magazine/newspaper as Pdf? Any feedback is welcome!

Did you check this out for ideas?

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Thanks @NatIsrael972! I’ll certainly have a look!

Imagine if your real world magazine gets featured in IF aircraft in future! :P

Haha! That would be so cool, I would be jumping on the ceiling!

Wot? Jumping on the ceiling? Has gravity changed its pole? xD

When I’m excited or happy forces don’t exist! Haha

Anyways to get back on topic, what category of aviation would you be focusing more on?

Commercial, it would be similar to airliner world! I think I might even add an infinite flight part in!

Hmm, a hybrid RWA and IF magazine… I like!

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I’m still thinking on doing this so any help/feedback would be great!

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