Aviation Link Boeing 777-200LR BBJ

With the 777 rework coming up I thought I should request my favorite livery on the BBJ 777. Aviation Link is a Saudi Arabian company that operates VIP charter flights. They have 3 aircraft 1 A319ACJ, one A320ACJ, and one BBJ777-200. The one 777 they have is registered VP-CAL and has this beautiful livery:

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This plane was delivered to Aviation Link in 2010 and has a range of 10,030 nmi with a normal 75 passengers on board. With this kinda range in infinite flight some interesting long haul flights could be done.

We would need the -200 variant first. But it’s a nice livery! Out of votes, however.

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Damn that is a nice livery!

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I can see the 200 being added with the rework.

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It reminds me a bit of the B787 by the Wingflex, I hope the B777 has those Wingflex

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We have the -200 variant already. This is actually a -200LR. You can tell by the raked wingtips.

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Yep, that’s correct. I forgot to include that in the title. Adding it now.

Pretty sure VP-CAL influenced the new Gulfstream livery:


Yeah definitely looks like it did haha

Imagine how rich you must be to own a 777 BBJ ; )


This one is owned by an airline that allows it to be chartered by VIP customers, but some people do own these things as personal aircraft. The price of a B777-200LR is $347 million, so they have to have some really deep pockets.

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