Aviation Is Recovering - Airlines Announce 80+ New Routes

That’s 👏 is 👏 amazing 👏

I want some. It seems the farming industry are getting fertilizers faster than ever.


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Looks like United and Frontier won’t have a monopoly on this routes. This competition is growing here in Denver!
Surprised Frontier didn’t add any new routes from Denver.


All of these times of low passenger numbers could’ve really shown airlines what airports really matter, and what routes people will fly even when demand is near 0!

June of 2020, or 21?
And were all of these routes originally scheduled, or are they straight out of the blue?


I’m kinda disappointed that F9 didn’t launch anything from DEN this round. Oh well, maybe UA and them will boost their international game from there once this whole thing blows over.

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  1. And yes, SRQ-PHL/CLE will literally start next Saturday on June 6.

But the crazy thing - Frontier already increased fares on CLE-SRQ from $49 to $119, making it seem like the flight is nearly full.

And these routes are out of the blue. They didn’t exist before COVID-19, unless Frontier had some random dartboard route that was cut right before everything went down.


Glad to see this. Could be useful for my travel tournaments for baseball


That’s crazy that Philly to Sarasota starts literally next week, especially when demand from the Mid-Atlantic to Florida is greatest in the winter. Good to see them expanding in Philly though to Myrtle Beach, Sarasota and few others


@Daniel14 will love this! 😃


Glad to here you didn’t skip the noodles

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This is awesome! Although I’m sort of surprised that Southwest didn’t choose SNA, but hey, I’m not complaining!

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The Lufthansa Group also released their flight program for the time after Mid June today. Probably a whole topic for itself though.

Interesting to see all those new routes, especially with Wizz Air’s insane growth ideas in Europe. Thanks for sharing!


Awesome! Great to see this, especially the SWA BNA-SNA! We’ve lost some routes over the last few years with so many airlines with the same route, so this is a good sign! The competition in the aviation industry is cruel!

Don’t forget, American Airlines is also adding flights, for example, at PHX 60 more flights are being added.

flying a long haul on an Etihad 787 in two weeks, might show you what that is like. I’m honestly quite scared ahaha

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Yep, all airlines are beginning to resume more flights including long-hauls as summer travel begins to pick up slightly.

Yay! This is great news!

Update: Wizz Air announces 20 more routes bringing the total to 55 for Wizz and 86 overall.

From Salzburg (SZG):

  • Kyiv Zhulyany (IEV)
  • Belgrade (BEG)
  • Bucharest (OTP)
  • Tuzla (TZL)
  • Skopje (SKP)

All 2x weekly set to begin in July.

From Tirana (TIA):

  • Bari (BRI) - 4x weekly
  • Basel (BSL) - 2x weekly
  • Paris-Beauvais (BVA) - 3x weekly
  • Berlin Schoenefeld (SXF) - 3x weekly
  • Brussels Charleroi (CRL) - 2x weekly and increases to 4x weekly
  • Catania (CTA) - 3x weekly
  • Eindhoven (EIN) - 3x weekly
  • Hahn (HHN) - 3x weekly
  • Hamburg (HAM) - 2x weekly
  • Heraklion (HER) - 2x weekly
  • Karlsruhe (FKB) - 2x weekly
  • Milan Malpensa (MXP) - 1x daily
  • Prague (PRG) - 2x weekly
  • Rhodes (RHO) - 2x weekly
  • Turin (TRN) - 4x weekly

WOW! This is awesome! I have a feeling that Sarasota airport will be the next Frontier Airlines hub!

We need to be careful not to speculate. Aviation’s unstable foundation has already been exposed once, and a second wave of equal or greater strength could bring the whole house down. As pessimistic as that sounds, it’s the cold hard truth.

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🤩🤩 Historical day for Albanian aviation
Cant wait to be in one of these flights this summer

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