Aviation Investigations #1 - Should Qantas have Ordered the 787?


Should Qantas have Ordered the 787?

Hello and Welcome to my first of my Aviation Investigations posts! Today I would like to discuss something that I don’t think has occurred to many people; Should Qantas have Ordered the 787? Now I’m not talking about the extra 6, I’m talking about should they have ordered them at all.

So right now you’re probably thinking “Of Course! They can do Perth to London!” but read on, and you’ll see why I think this was a potentially bad move.

Of course, Qantas know the industry better than any of us, this is just my opinion. Please do not criticize that.

First, let’s have a look at why they did order it. Feel free to reply with anything to put on this list and I will add it.

  • Perth to London
  • Other direct links from Australia to Europe
  • Melbourne/Sydney to New York (Unconfirmed)
  • Very Environmentally Friendly
  • Looks awesome in the Silveroo livery

Ok so that last one probably isn’t a reason, but it’s so true!
Anyway, those are 4 or maybe 5? very good reasons to order it. But now, it’s time to have a look at Qantas’ future, Project Sunrise, and how this order may affect both of those.

What is Project Sunrise?

Project Sunrise is Qantas’ ongoing project to try and get direct flights from the East Coast of Australia, halfway round the world, to London.

How Could this Order affect the Future of Qantas

I believe this could affect the future of Qantas for the following reasons:

  • The money spent on the Dreamliners may affect how soon they are able to get the A350-900ULR or 777X.
  • What is the point of ordering the Dreamliners when they may be able to get the A350-900ULR as soon as late 2019 if they order them soon?

The Effects of Ordering the 787

I have made 3 simple graphics that explain what was happening pre-787, now, and what would happen if they order the A350.

^Current State^

^Previous State^ Credit

State if the A350 was ordered instead of the 787.

Let me know of your opinions on this topic. I hope you've enjoyed this and I'll see you next time!


Well when they get the Airbus A350-900ULR or the 777X I don’t think they would be used for any other flights other than the east coast to Europe. I think one of the reasons they bought the Dreamliners is because they wanted the upgrade.

Many airlines have planes such as the 787 for long flights I know, but also for comfort and efficiency, were as they also have a few ULR aircraft only for their really long flights.

The point I’m trying to make is that they wanted more long haul aircraft, the 787, but in the future they want planes that go further and only further.

Sorry for my long winded why of saying what I thought. Please no one criticise me if you didn’t like what I think.


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