"Aviation" in New York

Nice pic!


Why are you on here

I think you’re right. I let myself get fooled by that crooked positioning probably


Yup, that is correct. It was used to test the ability of the shuttle to land like a plane after reentry.



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Oh wait, you thought the roof had gone “poof”? 😂

I thought you had gone “poof” off this forum

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I honestly thought it veered off the runway and had a hole in the fuselage because I didn’t look close enough

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Keyword. Verb tense matters.

Awesome variety here! That Concorde takes the cake though, such a stunning bird. Great shots!

Thanks mate! My phone camera does everything automatically though so I’ll forward the thanks to it ^^


That’s… a phone camera?! 🤯

Galaxy A51! At a close distance, it works great (you don’t want to see the long-distance photos though…)

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How much to get into the concord

Not too much actually. Something around 20-40$ I think, but NYC is very expensive in itself, so I didn’t want my mom to spend unnecessary money


Got you got you

Those are always amazing on phones… 💀

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Great photos!!

Yes!!! That’s it!

to answer your question, the reason it looks so beat up is because of its re-enter into Earth’s atmosphere. during that stage, the entire space shuttle is under severe heat and the only thing protecting it from being completely disintegrated is the black heat shield on the underside of the shuttle.

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