"Aviation" in New York

Nice pic!


Why are you on here

I think you’re right. I let myself get fooled by that crooked positioning probably


Yup, that is correct. It was used to test the ability of the shuttle to land like a plane after reentry.



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Oh wait, you thought the roof had gone “poof”? 😂

I thought you had gone “poof” off this forum

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I honestly thought it veered off the runway and had a hole in the fuselage because I didn’t look close enough

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Keyword. Verb tense matters.

Awesome variety here! That Concorde takes the cake though, such a stunning bird. Great shots!

Thanks mate! My phone camera does everything automatically though so I’ll forward the thanks to it ^^


That’s… a phone camera?! 🤯

Galaxy A51! At a close distance, it works great (you don’t want to see the long-distance photos though…)

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How much to get into the concord

Not too much actually. Something around 20-40$ I think, but NYC is very expensive in itself, so I didn’t want my mom to spend unnecessary money


Got you got you

Those are always amazing on phones… 💀

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Great photos!!

Yes!!! That’s it!