"Aviation" in New York

Throughout my 1 week stay New York City, I also got to see some aviation, at least to some extent. However, I will only include my aviation encounters aside from the airport.

A random helicopter in the Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA)

I also visited the Interprid a former aircraft carrier which now functions as a museum. Sadly, I forgot all the names of the aircraft 😅

For me, the highlight of the museum was the Concorde though, which was a gift by BA. Dadly I was too broke to go inside.

They also have a space shuttle, which was way bigger than I thought it was!

New York review #2: heat/10


No, they have a “Space” Shuttle. Enterprise was the prototype that never went to space. Here’s an actual Space Shuttle, Atlantis (taken by me in 2019 at the Kennedy Space Center). It is indeed a lot bigger than I thought!

Fun fact: This was the orbiter that completed the final mission of the Space Shuttle program.


So I saw a Space Shuttle Impostor
Still kind of a legit Space Shuttle though, so I am happy :D


Why is that one broken? Is that how they ended up after a mission?

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I also have seen this one, I went on a few field trips to the space center in elementary school. It’s kinda crazy how big it is.

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I guess so? What do you mean?

I thought I saw a video of them landing like a normal aircraft and they didn’t seem to get so broken

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I guess space is harsh and unforgiving…

Anyway, sweet photos!

Another angle of the nice Concorde!


Nice pics of you go in the Concorde it is even more cramped than what people said

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This is a IAI Kfir, it’s an Israeli built mirage.

This is the Grumman F-9 cougar, personally one of my favorites.

This is the Grumman A-6 Intruder, fun fact, my dad almost flew these in the navy!

This is the Grumman F-11 Tiger. It was the first supersonic plane made by Grumman. Fun fact, it shot itself down once because it fired its gun but it was going so fast it caught up to it!


I remember reading this in the museum!

Thanks for the info!


Really nice pictures! Would love to go there in the near future! 😎

If you saw an F-4 Phantom I wonder if it was the one that Sully was looking at in Sully (if you’ve seen it, you probably know)

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I visited the intrepid a while ago. My favs where the Concorde, and the SR-71 Blackbird, the fastest plane ITW.

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It’s quite a nice museum, even though I was a bit sad that many things were costing extra (it’s understandable, but a bit unfortunate). I have to agree, the Blackbird was really impressive, but for me as more of a commercial aviation enthusiast, the Concorde took the cake as the most impressive exhibit! I honestly imagined it a bit smaller…

Yo the intrepid! I have been there many times, its very fun to go to

it did fly though, after being dropped from the 747 shuttle carrier

I dont think its broken, I think its just the roof that opens up for some tech thing

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by the way some actually nice pics here