Aviation in media

One of the biggest things that I dislike about aviation is surprisingly shocking. No, it’s not Spirit Airlines or Frontier, (although those are pretty bad) but more about how aviation is perceived in media. Over the years, I think movies, tv shows, and news stations have built up this unwarranted fear that aviation is unsafe.

I was watching a video on TikTok video and it had the caption ‘Plane Landing in an Emergency!!’ with the shocked emoji. When I watched the video, I turned out to be a flap malfunction and the plane landed just a little too fast. But when scrolling up to read the comments, everyone was making sure that they were safe. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not blaming people for not knowing about aviation but it sucks when people only talk about the so called ‘dangers’ of flying’. I wish people celebrated aviation instead of fearing it.

I don’t know… maybe this is stupid. What are your thoughts?


Social media changed people. Now everybody has extreme opinions on everything and this extends to everyday things like this as well. I mean just look at Condor’s new livery. When it came out there was barely anybody who approached the design in a neutral way and rated it for its part of Condor’s new corporate design. Back then people were pretty evenly split 50/50 on it with polls nowadays showing 80+ per cent for the livery and its effect.
This is just one example and I am certainly also guilty of this behavior. Many tend to exaggerate and this combined with many polarizing opinions in an age where people are desperate for internet attention and thus tend to exaggerate even more, this leads to things like these sadly. Just look at American politics as the prime example…


Very ture. I just wish that people didn’t fear aviation and instead celebrate the amazing innovations that aviation has made.

I think a lot of it has to do with the education of the public on the various “emergencies”. In training, we’re often taught how to build the aircraft. We have to know the systems, parts, and other important aspects of the plane, inside and out. The general public doesn’t understand that flaps getting stuck in a position other than what was selected doesn’t have to be the biggest emergency.

Sure, if the slats/flaps are asymmetric, then yes, we’ve got a bigger issue. But if the left & right are stuck or something like that, then its honestly not a biggie. During training in the simulators, its a requirement that we conduct a “Flaps fail approach” or “Zero flap/flapless” landing for instances like this. There are 2 things that are different with these types of landings over your normal landing.

  • The approach speed and speed at which you land on the runway,
  • The pitch attitude of the aircraft

That’s really about it.

Tbh, what people should really be worried about are airlines losing your luggage and the amount of crazy people on airlines these days. 😄 Learn to pack 1 weeks worth of clothes into a carry on and do laundry at the hotel. Totally worth it.


Ahem… Southwest

In all seriousness, very good point. And I totally know why they make those movies about plane crashes! We want to be scared but not in danger.

Like I said, I just wish that media would celebrate aviation.

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I wasn’t gonna say the name, but you sure did. 😂


Another thing I need to worry about is getting some reusable bags. I love my collection of dimes and I don’t want King Soopers from taking them from me. 😂

Cost you 10 cents. hahahah. I’ve been saving mine up over the months


Should have shopped at Natural Grocers sooner! They got the good bags!

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I actually have a pretty good story from the start of the pandemic!

So it was near the start (mid-april of 2020) and I was flying home for spring break. Anyway, this guy sits down next to me in what can only be described as a full-on biohazard suit. Long story short, I end up coughing on a pretzel and this guy completely loses it! He started jabbing the call button like his life depended on it. When the flight attendant comes over, he starts demanding to be moved to a different seat while I’m trying to explain that I just choked on a pretzel.


You call that crazy? Thats a normal Skywest flight 😂

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I laughed way too hard at that🤣🤣🤣

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To be fair, I recently read an article about aviation safety development:

  • 2020: 8 crashes, 315 deaths
  • 2021:12 crashes, 125 deaths
  • 2022: 19 crashes, 233 deaths

While this looks like aviation is becoming unsafer over time (and people looking at this without any context might be a partial reason for the feelings of some people), in reality, factoring in the rapidly increasing passenger and flight numbers, the number of passengers dying per passengers transported has been steadily decreasing, meaning aviation is becoming safer and safer.
Looking at this in the long term, in 1970 1:264,000 passengers died, and now it’s 1:16,000,000.
And while most may perceive aviation as quite dangerous since they don’t understand it as well I also think aviation “invites” people to think so since “danger” is quite noticeable compared to most other means of transport. I have to admit sometimes even I feel a little bit unsecure when I am hit by severe turbulence. The good news is that only 10% of people felt insecure during their last flight and roughly 55% perceive aviation as what it is, the safest mode of transport.
However as I said in my previous reply, people tend to exaggerate and polarizing opinions tend to get the most attention so they might stand out more even if the silent majority believes in the safety of aviation.


It’s alway Skywest. The Ohio of aviation! I think it’s because of the E-Series. To small for most people lmao!

Well, this was in first class on a Delta A321

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My legs get wobbly when walking towards the lav so I don’t have room to speak lmao.

Ik I was just making a joke lmao; dang first class?

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I got all As and Bs the semester before. Me and my dad made a deal that I could fly first class for an entire year if I did that.

YEAR? God I think it’s time for me to pay attention in class.

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