Aviation in Decline: Jet Airways becoming next victim?

Jet Airways Decreases Fleet Size?


Credits: Jet Airways

More unfortunate news in aviation as the BBC reports Jet Airways - Indias largest private airline has grounded more aircraft. It is suggested that Jet Airways is now operating a fleet of just 14, meaning that they can no longer fly international routes. Rules in India dictate that an airline must have at least 20 aircraft to operate at the international level.


The airline hasn’t yet commented, but the news comes as the airline sits in a huge amount of debt, with it beginning to look more and more unlikely that the airline can recover from.

With several airlines already becoming victims to rising costs and the competition for lower fares, will Jet Airways be the next to fall as rising debts engulf the airline and force their hand? Post your thoughts below!


Generally speaking low cost airlines operate by the skin of their teeth. Profit margins are minimal.

This means that any slight adjustment can be distasterous. E.g. Rising fuel prices.

India is a very price sensitive market

Jet Airways, not known as a low cost airline tried to compete with Spice Jet, IndiGo etc. without cutting expensive services = No profit.

Jet Airways also had an very aggressive international expantion plan and ordered 22 Widebodies in 2006.

In 2007 Jet Airways bought Sahara Airlines which had an aging fleet.

Conclusion: Failed strategy, no more money.


So… no more Jet Airways 777?

Sad to hear but it wasn’t out of the blue and was obvious the airline wasn’t or isn’t in the best situation but still disappointing indeed.

It’s always sad to see an airline in such a state, however, there may still be some hope…

Oh dear! It sucks to have another airline to fall

Hopefully Jet Airways can somehow recover

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Etihad are awful at investments and themselves are in a bad situation. It may not last long. Same thing happened to Monarch.


Will this mean it might be easier to become a pilot?

Jet Airways to suspend operations temporarily from this evening…


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