Aviation in 2018 | What are you looking forward to?

i’m ready for the UAL B787-10!
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my instrument rating


I’m looking forward to seeing some airlines getting the 787-10, and more 737 MAXs being delivered.


Wow! Now I’m excited to see Swoop Air. That color is just too much! Other than that aim excited to see some new Boeing aircraft.


Lufthansa is the launch customer of the 777X.

Quote wikipedia

“On September 18, 2013, Lufthansa became its launch customer by selecting for its long-haul fleet 34 Boeing 777-9X, to be launched later in 2013, along 25 Airbus A350-900s to replace its 22 747-400s and 48 A340-300/600s.[10] The design will be distributed between Charleston, Huntsville, Long Beach, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Moscow.”

Also by “rollout” we mean testing for the factory version not a commercial version.

Quote wikipedia

“In December 2014, Boeing began construction on a new 367,000 sq ft (34,100 m2) composites facility in St. Louis to be completed in 2016 and needing 700 jobs, to build 777X parts with six autoclaves for the wing and empennage parts, starting in 2017.[14] The 787 ‘surge’ line at Everett would be converted into a 777X early production line by the end of 2015.[15] The first 777X is expected to roll off that line in 2018.[16] The -9 firm-configuration was reached in August 2015 and assembly of the initial aircraft will begin in 2017 for a December 2019 introduction advanced from the previously scheduled 2020.[2]”

The Irkut MC21 being certified in other areas.

You are quoting 2013. As per October 4, 2017, a senior Boeing executive confirmed that Emirates will be the launch customer of the 777X. The previous launch customer, Lufthansa, is rethinking whether it needs all the jets it ordered.

Read the first three paragraphs of this article, it’s not a rumor site, it’s the official newspaper of Dubai, where emirates is based.


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Ok, I was thinking Lufthansa is still the launch customer since it had placed a firm order. But if a Boeing exec said it it must be true. Weird how wiki didn’t update that information on their page about the launch customer yet.

I understand. It’s why I never trust nor use Wikipedia. The information can be edited by anyone, which causes two problems, it can either be outdated, or incorrect, or both.

Only the 777-9 is coming out next year, not the whole 777-x series…

  • Virgin Australia 737MAX-8
  • Jetstar A320neo & A321neo
  • Qantas 737MAX-8 (may come later)
  • Qantas A350-900ULR (or 777x which will come later)
  • Qantas’ second 787-9
  • A Qantas 747-400 painted in the new livery (PLEASE QANTAS!!!)
  • Air Nuigini’s 787-8s rolling off the line
  • 777x first flight
  • A330neo - hopefully Hawaiian flies these into Sydney!
  • A380plus - I really don’t know if this will be flying anytime soon

All the md 80s that are going to be removed from allegiant’s Fleet so they can stop being criticized😀😀😀


All I want is to fly the 777X haha. Hopefully they bring back the space shuttle, it would be really fun if they brought it back, and improved it’s horrific gravity.


The new boebus a797. I saw the concept art of it


Oh yeah, me too!

This right?


Yea! Wanna see what Boeing has got to replace those 757

I can’t wait to see the 777X rolling out next year! I also can’t wait to see the Singapore 787-10 flying it’s first commercial flight! :)

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My Recreatioal Pilots License and PER-LHR 787 flights 🙂

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and @CannedAviation I dunno why I keep having to say, only the 777-9 is having an inaugural flight next year, the 777-8 is later.

Also may I ask where you got the info about a Qantas a350-1000, I was under the impression they wanted to fly long haul, not take as many passengers as possible

Don’t forget Frontier’s huge amass Of Orders ;)