Aviation humor

Hello! you can post clean aviation related jokes in here, thankyou

Memes aren’t allowed on the forum for very specific reasons. Take immaturity and insensitivity for example.

I should also note that if you want to post in the #real-world-aviation category and subcategories you will have to be a Trust Level 2 user or Member. Keep being an active contributor to this forum and you will reach this rank in no time! 😉

Topics like these have been closed for a reason as they have broke rules in the past. They’ve contained immaturity, controversy, some were offensive.

fine imma change the topic’s name to “aviation humor”

It’s still the same concept and will go back to the problem with immaturity, stuff like that. Changing the name barely fixes anything.

just make random jokes.

Sorry, but those kind of topics didn’t end well in the past. At the moment we don’t allow them here on the IFC.