Aviation Horror Stories

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I’ve been wondering about this and I wanna hear you recall your suffering in aviation. Do you have any horror stories in aviation? It can be a horrible airline, airport, all that shabang. I shall start this off with an awful connection at Frankfurt. The airport is notorious for overly optimistic connection times. Both times I had a connection between St. Petersburg and London, the time to spare was 5-15 minutes. Security took up all that time. Made both flights delayed because we were late.

What’s your horror story?

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Ok, so my mom is very sensitive/borderline allergic so chemicals and air freshener. We are aboard a British Airways flight operates by Comair from FAOR-FVFA. The flight attendant comes through the cabin spraying everyone with air freshener. My mom was having so much congestion, trouble breathing, and really itchy and swollen eyes. She has to use her inhaler and take Benadryl just to survive the flight.

Any more geeky AvGeeks than me: Do you know anything about this air freshener crap? Why do the spray it?


Did the flight attendants not realise your mum’s situation, practically almost dying exaggeration and not help out?

They called it standard procedure and said that it is supposed to be anti-allergy. It’s South Africa… they don’t care that much.

I was flying on norwegian once and then engine number one shut down and to make matters Worse IT was alot of turbolence but we did make back to Oslo Gardemoen

Aight, imma head out…


Yeeeeesh that’s alot

One more just to top it off…

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Coming home from lanzarote when I was smaller Aer lingus flight went tech they brought a charter over that night I really thought the plane was going to fall out of the sky it was really old and sounded really bad.

Only the last 2 are still open. Second to last is a bot close to be the rest

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When American Airlines delays your flight for 10 minutes…

then another 10

another 10

How about 15 minutes this time?

Then another 10…

Then your flight is cancelled.


That’s nothing compared to some flight delays I’ve had… my most recent cancellation was with Alaska from San Jose to Seattle. Delayed 40 minutes due to the cockpit door missing a part and not being able to close, then 1 hour, then 2 hours, 5 hours, and canceled.

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I’m assuming you had quite the fun day.

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Ouch, that’s pretty bad. Worst I’ve had was a flat 17 hour delay from American. Since it was a full 17 hour delay with no increments, it allowed passengers to be accommodated wherever instead of having to wait periodically.

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