"Aviation Go" (Aviation Version of Pokémon Go)

For all plane spotters as an alternative to Pokémon Go here is a points based system for plane spotting.
1 Point-Civil/Regional Jets
2 Points-Mid Range Aircraft
3 Points-Long Haul Aircraft
4 Points-Millitary Aircraft
1 Point Bonus Discontinued Aircraft (Excludes Military Aircraft)

List your spots below and your total points!


What about ga? And maybe put this in #real-world-aviation:spotting



Mid Range

(8 Points)

It is possible that Norwegian may be starting service here from DUB (HUGE Irish Population here)
Theres been rumors that one of there MAX’s could start service… “RUMOR!”

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I don’t think that because they operate at JFK and ISP Is near (sort of)

New Bonus-Special Liveries-1

KISP is fighting for more flights…

Norwegian I believe has expressed interest (Ill find a link)

Please add what aircraft/airline if possible. Also special liveries for commercial only.

Wow It would be nice to see a couple of those

@Eaglette80. MaxSez… Suggest you move this Topic to Real World/Spotting.


How do you do that Maxmustang?

@Eaglette80 Reopen your Topic and just just change the category. If unable because of a low Grade send a PM to “Moderator” ask them to change it. If that don,t work forget it at some point a Regular will catch the required chug & fix it for you.
No big deal if it remains unchanged. Regards, Max

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Thanks and it got changed.

Oh my…

I prefer to play Pokemon Sun

This gives me an idea for an app🤔
Let me know if you want to here about it.👍


Trust me when I say this, even though I live close to ISP and would love this I highly doubt that they would make a good profit. the loads would be pretty low, although Long Island has a lot to do it isn’t really a popular tourist destination

Personally… I know that Alligent Air tried from KLAS but I dont get why they wouldn’t get KLAX… all of the rich and famous coming in for the summer… Just for the summers I feel like they wiuld make profit

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Daniel14 Yes please.

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