Aviation Gifts?


Why I’m asking

I’m asking because I’m getting my tonsils out and my parents said I can get like a little aviation gift which I will get on the day

Cough I will get it on the day @Qantas094 cough

What Should I get?

Reply Below!

Maybe a model of your favourite plane, with you favourite livery?

If there’s no limit, maybe an overseas trip would be nice…

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I’m Having Surgery so maybe not an overseas trip…

Depends on what you’re parents think small is, like the XCub is small so you could get that or if they mean a different small then I would say a model or even try and score a day on the ramp at the airport.


If your up for it maybe a planespotting trip or a helicopter tour ( if available in your location) or a model airplane

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the Airbus A318 is a small aircraft so I suppose your parents can afford to get you one


Like an A318 thats flyable.

Wow this community has high hopes

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I really like those airplane skin tags that have the aircraft registration and so. I find it very cool.



A Gemini Jets model!

Thats a big nope. At least for me.

You could maybe get them some printed and framed pictures of your plane spotting. That’s what I did. I can sell you some prints if you want.

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A fridge magnet


that’s without insurance.
Just ask for a model of some plane. I wish I got something for each time I had a surgery; damn.

Anywho, you ain’t getting a private jet- so please don’t suggest that anymore; makes no sense.

The Alaska 737 More to Love model is a favorite of mine. Pick one up for ~90$

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Join a flying club. Serious not joking or anything I want to join one and I know you won’t regret it. And you could get a PPL if you stay long enough

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You could get a nice diecast model airplane?

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Had mine pulled a while back. Wish you a speedy recovery.

As far as gifts … I love 08LEFT

I have multiple products from them and it’s great quality.

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@Swiss I thought you were going to try to plug your merch in here.

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