Aviation Geek Gifts

Hi IF Community, I have a question… if you had an opportunity to receive A gift Linked to aviation what would you want? I know it’s quite a broad question but

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Either a flight in a JetAir Fokker 70 flight or 1:200 models of them


A Gulfstream G650 would be great to be honest… if that’s too much to ask for I will take a G550 instead.


I want a fancy large aircraft picture in a frame to hang on my office wall. 😎


Haha 😂 I want that too!

I’d want a full Airport model collection

I got you fam.

This is what I have hanging in my room.

Plane tickets, just anywhere. There is no other joy like flying.


You got that right!

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I would to get an AA 2013 livery B767 1:200

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Got a good one, get him an Infinite Flight Pro Subscription.


If only…If only

A Cessna 172 G1000 aircraft 😜

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A one night’s stay in the TWA hotel…

Followed by a ride on BA 1 (A318) from JFK-LCY

But considering that flight isn’t around anymore, I’d opt for JFK-ATL and a room in a hotel on the north side of the airport with a view of the runway, and a trip to the Delta Museum


Plane would be nice.


I would love a trip on the Concord from JFK to London and a Cirrus SR22.

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Owning a piece of a 747. Wether that’d be a wing or a window. If we’re being somewhat normal.

I’d mainly want a large wide body painted in one of my liveries. But that seems like a stretch.

Same, Furwani.

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A cool real life VH-OQA.

Tbh I would Probably just want 3 Models A 737 Max and 777X and Neo the Modern planes:)

A ride on Concorde, a ride on a 707 or DC-8, seeing a Concorde or DC-8 takeoff, a pilot’s license.

Ya know, just the typical stuff you’d want as a gift.