Aviation fun, #runningmanchallenge between regional airlines in SA

The #RunningManChallenge, after being started by the US teens, got picked up by basketball players in the States and just exploded on the college sports scene. It’s since gone totally global with policemen, firemen, companies and finally airlines all getting involved. First, Air New Zealnd challenged, Qantas, who later challenged American Airlines.


cannot watch the Video in Germany.
Because of the GEMA


It’s a youtube video, can’t you can search for ‘Flysafair running man challenge’

Aww man can’t you be more polite to him? He’s just annoyed that the GEMA thing had to get in his way

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I don’t know what GEMA is. Not trying to be rude. What does it do, block all you tube videos. @InfiniteFlightPlays, sorry if I sounded rude.

Yea I’m sure it’s something like DMCA…

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Qantas vs Air New Zealand vs American Airlines. I think the Qantas crew were better.

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What video format would you like then? I’ll try do it for you.

It’s because of the Music in this Video, it’s not allowed in germany. I have no idea why.


Oh, maybe it’s for copyright issues. In that case, we can’t override government laws.

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Lol can’t they (YouTube) just remove the music :P

Dumbasses xD

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