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Hello today my brother made me a folder with checklist of Private/ Dual engine/ 4- engine aircraft I want to look busy like what pilots have so I would like your opinion of what I should put because pilots always have something

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Could you describe / elaborate the question a little? I quite do not understand what are you asking. 🙂

I mean I want to have many papers in my folder just like pilots put papers in there folder on board before flight

Such as weather expected and other stuff but not weather because that’s fine but that’s an example

Ok. That really depends. I do not hold any PPL nor never made any solo yet, so that is something for the experienced flyers to answer.

Still, such folders may contain plenty of checklists, mapping (Navigation) and tools per flight (as much as I know). 👍

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I know I’m not but I never get ideas of what to have

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Hey there mate,
You have come to the right place. At the start of this year (ish) I decided to do the same and create a folder. The folder is now currently bulging with documents as I need a bigger folder. I have everything from how to read the weather, SIDS, airport information, aircraft checklists (IF and real-life), IFATC manual, unit conversions, airspace information, a good chunk of the RPL syllabus and much, much more. In fact, the first 8 pages are contents pages only! Just asked for what documents you want and I’ll send you a copy.


This is what I need and other stuff like the paperwork that pilots do while on the ground

Ok I can those to you, which airports?


I have info for KLAX and EGLL, I could possibly get KSFO for you.

Thanks mate

So you have my info needed for KLAX/EGLL such as how to read weather and other Info needed

Hey, @Helicopterzzz! I don’t know if you use SimBrief for your flight planning, but it produces a briefing that can be twenty to more than eighty pages long. Printed, that would add some papers to your briefcase 😃

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