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Hey IFC,
Over the past few months, I have been put all my aviation documents in a folder. It’s getting pretty big with the height being 4cm (1.5748in, may be wrong, had to google it), not including the actual folder. Below is the current contents page (of this topic creation):

And my actual folder:

If you have any sheets, documents, PDFs or photos you think would go well or would recommend going in the folder please comment below! And I’m more than happy to send you a copy of something in my folder provided that I legally can.


Seems neat!
Quick question: What do you use this folder for? Is it to store information that you may need in the future?


I’m doing my Ground School this summer so I think I will do something like this with my notes. Thanks for the idea!


Good luck during Ground School!

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Thank you!

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Future lesson and also to just have it all in one place because I’m an “avgeek” I need it like all the time.

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Does anyone have any conversion sheets? Could really use them on some of my flights! Thanks

Maybe eBay? Good luck on everything!

Can’t you get this materials as digital copies? Now days everything fit inside IPad. I know it’s not same feeling but storing on cloud or memory card, easier to keep. And another fact since American airlines introduced electronic flight bag. They are saving $1.5m annually on fuels. Thats like 30ppl wages :)

Hey mate,
Yes I’m aware but I prefer having it physically there and being able to see it all. That’s just how I am.

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