Aviation Express: Top 5 Things in Aviation Today! (10.16.19)

Aviation Express: 10.16.19


I’m 1Bit, and this is something new I’m trying to start-up in the IFC, “Aviation Express,” which would be a daily recap of aviation news and events, along with some funny videos/featured photos. I will sometimes splash in some IF news, but this is mainly for real-world aviation. Note: not all articles will be talking about the exact day of the week the report is on, and there is no news on weekends! Enjoy!

Submitting Stuff

If you have any cool photos, videos, or articles, please submit them! I’ll credit you fully for the idea, just be sure to link the source in your DM! I’m desperate for those stories! (if your story happened more than a week from today’s date, lol no)

Delta is an airline I could confidently call the “Chick-Fil-A” of airlines, they’re known for their awesome services and dedicated employees. They further proved this stereotype when after a team of 79 students heading out to Orlando got stranded by American Airlines, Delta seized the day, and with help from the folks at Frontier, got an MD-88 sent right up to them from Atlanta- the boys cross-country team ended up making first place, and the girls snatched up second place! Congratulations!

Big thanks to @Ishrion for giving me this article! Thank you so much!



Remember when some morons flew a drone around Gatwick as a protest to disrupt airflow? Thanks to the amazing reckless drone pilots of the world, a new summit where the UK, the US, and Hong Kong all attended is now focusing on drone pilots. It’s literally a summit. Against drones… C’mon guys. Really? Side note: Apparently one of the protesters glued himself to a plane. What?!



Believe it or not, the most delayed airport in the world (summer 2019) is not that hunk of garbage Atlanta (haha- joking), it’s actually Mykonos, Santorini, and Athens’ airports. All of those airports, if you couldn’t tell, are Greek. Now, Greece is not the only big boy that’s delayed to no end, the good ol’ United States of America is pretty high up there, with Newark, O’Hare, and LaGuardia, coming in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively within the US. Darn O’Hare, you’ve failed me!



Thought that Perth-London was a long flight? Hooo Boy! Now get ready for a new, improved, and sleep-killing 20-hour flight from Sydney to London. Crazy, huh? Before the route starts up with Qantas, the airline needs to first test the concept and the route on people, and putting them in the same exact condtions they would be in with the real-deal, and seeing how they react. Of course, the biggest concern is not reactions or comfort, it’s jet lag. Crossing more than three timezones is considered to be jet-lag, and you can bet your behind that this flight is crossing more than three timezones. In the multi-million dollar jet lag business (yes, seriously) there still currently is no effective way for people to cope with jet lag, which poses a big uncertainty for Qantas and any other potential super-long-haul route operators.



Looks like Cpt. Sully is back from retirement and is flying on the A330 with this greasy landing!
My goodness, so smooth!

Source given.


omg sully go back to retirement before you end up in the Hudson again

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Might want to modify the part of the title that includes “today”. It’s quite deceiving as I thought I was going to be reading about current aviation news. I know that’s not your intention, so maybe switch it up. (:


Yeah- aviation news isn’t too popular, most of the things you’ll read will be offset by 1-2 days just because making it daily is impossible.

Unless you want every story to be about the MAX 8 lol


“top 5 things in aviation today!”

Includes a video from 2017

You get the gist


When I open google (taken just now)



See your point; all the stories are quite new, though, the video is more like a date-less fun thing at the end. As said before, the only real up-to-everyday news is about the MAX-8 and we’ve heard enough about that, right? If y’all want me to, I can certainly get some more updated stuff, just know it probably won’t be as interesting as the things offset by a day or two. Again, if you want anything specifically, just let me know :)

I recommend scaling it back to weekly threads where you include what’s happened in the week. As you’ll get a lot more news to share instead of everyday as you’ve said yourself, there’s not much news you can get out of a day.

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Thought about doing that as well, but it seemed like too much of a clone of another weekly news thing I saw. I think I’ll scale it back once I fill the entire week- thanks for the tip!

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Max recommend “flightaware.com” newsletter for daily “currant” Aviation related news. Just sayin… Max

(@anon82774985, good start, find work… Wkly is best, Regards Max)


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