Aviation Express: Top 5 Things in Aviation Today! (10.15.19)

Aviation Express: 10.15.19


I’m 1Bit, and this is something new I’m trying to start-up in the IFC, “Aviation Express,” which would be a daily recap of aviation news and events, along with some funny videos/featured photos. Not all articles will be talking about the exact day of the week the report is on, and there is no news on weekends :D

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Onto the news!

Transavia? More like TransKLMvia! I’ll stop…
Transavia’s head has recently stepped down, and by January 2020, the new head, Marcel de Nooijer will take over. Nooijer is also the head of Airfrance-KLM cargo, as well as Martinair. Well see if transavia can get even better after this!



When you picture aviation, you probably think of some strong man yelling out “rotate” in a thick European accent (no you don’t). On October 6th, 2019, to help destroy that god-awful male-dominated aviation world, Delta staffed an entire flight with women, as all 120 passengers were girls, on their way to NASA headquarters for International Girls day in Aviation. Good stuff Delta!



China’s aviation market is one of the biggest in the world. This means that big boys in Aviation like Boeing and Airbus (and small boys like Boeing Brazil- lol and Bombardier, which is basically Airbus) have big opportunities to make serious money. China also noticed this, and being the smart country it is, tried, and failed to develop its own aircraft. Now, China, instead of consulting with engineers, they’re consulting with strictly-classified documents about engines and fuel from American producers. Oh no.



Qantas has moved on. Moved on from their 747-400. Just recently (yesterday), they retired the 6/12th 747, registered as VH-OJU. This now leaves as KLM and BAW as some of the last operators of commercial 747s. Catch them while you can!
(Props to @KaiM for catching my mistake! Big thanks!)



Here’s a KLM 777 landing during a storm. God save the queen. Watch the video here

Not butter.

Source given.


That is one rough landing 😬

More like a THICC landing

But 1Bitttt But 1Bittttt

You forgot something 🙄

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That was a RIPPITYROO of a landing but anywaysss…

Trans-KLM-via… erm… wt? 🤨🤨

So sad to see that Qantas retired their 747’s.

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Just a little correction, they retired their last 747 with RR engines. They still have a few 744 with other engines left :)

Other than that, very interesting, thanks!


Oh, I thought they were gone, yay!

I did? Oh no!

whoopsies! thanks for the catch- sneaky editing noises

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